Maternity clothes lane bryant

Of all my clothing catalogs from 1890 to 1960, maternity clothing is limited to just 2 or 3 pages. For some more pictures of vintage maternity clothes check out these articles here, and here.
While the 1950s continued to produce both the wrap around and shirtwaist dress for maternity clothing, the two piece separates were the big new fashion item.
Maternity clothes from the 1960s continued with only stylistic changes from the 1950s to match current trends. Pants and skirts in the 60’s were the first to feature a belly band similar to maternity pants today. Debbie & Oscar have turned their hobby into a career by teaching others how to re-create vintage style with affordable new vintage inspired clothing and accessories.
My mother, who was 800 miles away, also sewed some beautiful maternity tops for me, bless her heart, to make sure her daughter had nice things to wear for both pregnancies, and it made me very irritated that this was necessary for me to have decent clothes to wear during this time since we were being ignored completely by the major portion of the fashion industry. With limited maternity clothing made available for sale it made the most sense to stay home in comfortable house dresses until her figure returned to a shape worthy of public display.

Lane Bryant had the only mail order clothing catalog to specifically cater to maternity wear. In the early years a high belt at the natural waist was still popular so maternity dresses featured elastic bands (top right dress.) Other styles had a tie belt that adjusted as the baby grew.
They proved so popular among pregnant women as regular tops over skirts that by the end of the 40’s they were a new maternity shirt style to wear. We connect shoppers to the best vintage inspired clothing, shoes and accessories and teach fashion history as it was worn by everyday people.
She had a very hard time even getting newspapers to print her advertisements for maternity clothing.
And bless Lena Bryant for taking on such a “niche” market as not only the plus size woman, the pregnant woman, and from what I have seen in some catalogs, the plus size pregnant woman! The shirtwaist dress was a better solution for public breastfeeding and was another popular 1940s maternity dress. The wide smock top over the slim skirt was a signature maternity style of the 1950’s.

According to society, and fashion designers, in the later part of the middle of the last century, if you were plus sized, you would never have a need for maternity clothes, because they were almost impossible to find in any store! I loved being pregnant and one joy was that there was such a better selection of clothing compared to yesteryear. Since catalogs didn’t photograph pregnant women it is a little difficult to tell the difference between regular and maternity dress construction.
There was a Motherhood Maternity Shop in town, but had a very small store, and similarly sized small amount of stock to offer, plus high price tags to fit!
It was probably 5 years or so after our 2nd child was born in 1981 that I saw a Penney’s catalog carrying maternity wear in plus sizes, and Sears would follow suit soon after.

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