Maternity clothes dublin

Pick a Maternity Bra or nursing bra that fits well and supports your breasts as they change in size and opens at the front for easy access during feeding. We also offer maternity bra fitting by appointment at our showroom in Dublin, just contact one of our staff members and we would be delighted to arrange an appointment for you. We are very careful in the maternity, breastfeeding and baby products and clothing we choose and we always try to have greener choices to offer our customers. All of our Boob Nursing and Maternity collection is made from greener choices of materials including organic cotton and lyocell.

There is also a fabulous selection of Maternity work wear, casual maternity wear and maternity nightwear so you will be certainly spoiled for choice in finding the right outfits for your new maternity wardrobe. TweetNEW! This certificate is a guarantee for clothes that are completely free from toxins that are known to be harmful to humans. Organic cotton yarns that are used in the manufacture of MEV clothing are certified according to Standard OE100 of the Textile Exchange. Known for its versatility, durability, and strength when both wet and dry, this material is used in everything from clothing to cars.

We have a selection of stylish and functional maternity clothes and breastfeeding clothes plus nursing bras, maternity bras, nipple shields, etc.

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