Low carb diet during pregnancy

While it is true that the use of low carbohydrate diet is gaining rounds many people are still skeptical about whether it is safe to be used by women during pregnancy. Many women who are pregnant generally tend to go on a low carbohydrate diet in order to conceive but if you ask the medical professionals they would generally discourage you from going on this diet; especially during pregnancy. This seems to be quite contradictory too because when you ask the doctors whether you should be going on a low carbohydrate diet they will advise against it, yet at the same time, if you mention that you plan to go on a diet which has more of greens, fruits and vegetables they are ok with it! This is so because very few of us appear to understand the effect of ketoses on pregnant women.
According to one research on effects of various kinds of diets on pregnant women we found that even while they were eating a regular diet they sometimes tend to show elevated Ketone levels, especially so after about 12 to 18 hours of fasting.
This may perhaps be so because in late pregnancy our metabolism tends to shift to a state of making ketosis more frequently than normal. To understand this anomaly it is first important to understand the fact that diabetic ketoacidosis is dangerous to anyone pregnant women or not!

Hence it can be safely assumed that when a healthy woman goes on a diet during pregnancy it is a totally different type of ketoses than that from someone with high blood sugar levels.
With all this research, it is easy to assume that it is quite safe for women during pregnancy to go for a low-carb diet; contrary to what is suggested by quite a few dietitians.
In fact research pointed to the fact that pregnant women had much higher level of ketoses as compared to the non pregnant women. These higher levels of sugar in the blood at this stage often lead to causing birth defects in the new born child; and hence should be totally avoided buy any pregnant women. Also, this is in contrast totally dissociated from high levels of ketones that are induced in a pregnant woman who has uncontrolled diabetes.
Hence, irrespective of the fact whether a pregnant woman is consuming sufficient calories or maintaining the right amount of blood sugar level or not, the baby will get just about the right mix to develop well. It is seen that nutritional ketosis that has blood ketones at lower levels is generally also accompanied by very normal sugar levels hence maintaining the normal ph balance in blood.

This is the reason why Atkins is so popular!In case you are planning to get pregnant and you are already an avid follower of the Atkins diet, you may have to concentrate more on the well-being of your baby than your weight loss.
Let us have a look below:You must get sufficient calories and complex carbohydrate in your prenatal diet.
Foods such as vegetables, legumes, whole grain breads are rich sources of complex carbohydrates.Atkins diet support inclusion of healthy fats, fruits and healthy protein sources.
You can thus follow the maintenance phase in pregnancy that will offer sufficient nutrients to the baby developing inside you.There may be times when you will need to cut down on your carbohydrate consumption in pregnancy.

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