Lord why can't i get pregnant

It happens when you toss another negative pregnancy test in the trash can and sit on your bathroom floor and cry. As month after month of disappointment went by, the only thing I knew how to do was to tolerate God’s will while being unable to get pregnant. I know the word surrender can seem like a very scary thing because, in a sense, it seems like to surrender your desire for a child is to simply give up on it.
You are right in saying that this is a more common than we realize problem, and it can also feel so isolating to walk through alone.
That’s why I started my blog in the first place, to give hope, and encouragement to women in this season.
But instead of getting any of the things I wanted, God took me on a journey of surrender to Him and showed me that He was worthy of my trust, whether or not I had a baby. He showed me how to worship Him while my hands were still empty, and my womb was still barren. We can rest in the fact that He is acting in wisdom and love toward us, and He can see things that we simply cannot.

And those are not bad desires–but they can take you to a bad place, if they become bigger than your desire for God. Infertility hurts even when you have had kids already and is frustrating since we have gotten pregnant before but it’s so hard now. I encourage you to keep directing those cries to the Lord–even it is a very loud cry! Think of Hannah in the Old Testament and how she wept opening at the temple, in her coming before the Lord. I had to realize that if this was God’s will for me not to get pregnant, I needed to start thanking Him for it. Thank you Lord for having this word for me today as I know that there are no coincidences in Your plans for me. I don’t want to let a root of bitterness have any part of my heart and I sincerely hope the Lord receives glory from this journey He is taking us on as I know He is from yours!

Much love, and may the Spirit continue to minister to your heart–in the way that only He can! The heart that is arrogant and proud, and has everything it wants–needs nothing from God, nor can it recieve anything from Him. But the heart that is broken, desperate, confused, and in need of a Savior–is the heart that can be transformed and shaped and strengthened by Him. I pray as you demonstrate your love and commitment to the Lord that He wil reveal how much He loves you, and fill your heart with His hope and presence.

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