Likelihood of pregnancy at age 43

The reason the pregnancy rate is so low is that most if not all of the embryos in these women are chromosomally abnormal (aneuploid). It is ten times harder for a woman to become pregnant at 43 than at 37, doctors have warned.The rapid speeding up of a woman’s biological clock means that by the time she is 43, she will need to go through 44 eggs on average to produce just one normal embryo. Researcher Meredith Brower said that the number of eggs needed for a viable pregnancy rises ‘almost exponentially’ after 42, and urged women to freeze their eggs without delay.British experts said that while, ideally, women would have their babies in their twenties, the realities of modern life mean many have no choice but to wait. My previous blog addressed the chances of getting pregnant after 43 and the options for those in this age group who wish to have children. A low AMH level after age 40 years is associated with a poor outcome.  In younger patients, low AMH patients will have reasonable pregnancy rates although they will produce few eggs.
The same can be said about day-3 FSH levels.  A normal level does not mean everything is okay, however, an abnormal level is an indicator of poor prognosis especially after age 40 years.
To see a fertility specialist who can help you find the best options for having a child based on your age and other relevant factors, make an appointment at one of InVia’s four Chicago area fertility clinics.
The ideal time to freeze your eggs is before the egg quality decreases (generally before age 38).
6) As age increases, the risks of other disorders that may adversely affect fertility, such as fibroids, tubal disease, and endometriosis, also increase.

8) The age-related decline in fertility is accompanied by a significant increase in the rates of chromosomally abnormal eggs and embryos. 10) With the anticipated age-related decline in fertility, the increased incidence of disorders that impair fertility, and the higher risk of pregnancy loss, women older than 35 years should receive expedited evaluation and treatment after 6 months of failed attempts to conceive, or earlier if clinically indicated.  A physician board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility is the best choice for fertility treatment.
At age 40 and above women have reduced fertility potential as compared to that seen in younger women. When couples are trying on their own to get pregnant the fertility issue that reduces chances for success is related to the quality of the eggs.
The charts below illustrate the rate of live births per embryo transfer procedure by the age of the recipient of the embryos. Although these age and fertility statistics are specifically about IVF success, there is a similar loss in fertility potential with aging in the general "normal fertile" population.
The graphs below are from the 2012 ART Success Rates report published by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a US government agency. Another point shown here is that there not a substantial decline in success by age of the recipient woman with donor egg IVF. All clinics have some upper age limit after which they will not perform in vitro fertilization with the woman's own eggs.

Tagged in: age and fertility, Donor eggs, Egg donation, infertility treatment, InVia Fertility Specialists, PGS. Yes!  However the pregnancy rate, even with IVF, drops precipitously every year after age 40, and most women increasingly have trouble getting pregnant. The rate of chromosomal abnormalities in eggs (and therefore also in embryos) increases significantly with advancing female age. The live birth rate per cycle at age 40 is around 18%, at age 41 is around 13%, age 42 is around 9% and 5% at age 43 years. It allows your ‘older and wiser’ self the opportunity to use your own (instead of relying on donor eggs) eggs, while keeping the likelihood of pregnancy at that of your “younger” self. There is no “undoing” or reversing age related infertility, it is simply a natural process that the eggs go through, whether we are ready or not.

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