Lifting when you are pregnant

This article isn't about my biased opinion of how a woman should treat pregnancy, though.
First and most importantly, you are at a far greater risk of injury to your own body when you are pregnant. There is a fairly common condition known as diastasis recti whereby the abdomen actually tears or separates during pregnancy. In yoga, as soon as a woman finds out she is pregnant, a teacher will guide her to stop all abdominal exercises, including plank pose. Prenatal yoga classes specifically address the complaints women have about discomfort during pregnancy.

Your center of balance is thrown off thanks to the increased weight on your front-side, and your body is pulsing with hormones that will additionally affect your stability. We encourage pregnant women to move very slowly into any athletic movement, as there is an increased risk of tearing a ligament.
If the belly can expand naturally during pregnancy, there is a lower risk of the separation, as incredibly strong abs can be a factor. Deep forward bends make sciatica worse, and because the body is so open, you risk tearing ligaments. Most notably, relaxin is a hormone your body secrets to soften your muscles, joints and ligaments to allow for greater ease of labor.1 Your bones literally grow and space out during pregnancy, and you will feel more flexible and pliable during this period.

In fact, many yoga teachers advise students to stop abdominal exercise as much as six months before pregnancy. Even in early pregnancy, though, relaxin makes the sacroiliac joint (SI joint) less stable, which can injure the low back. Be particularly mindful of any sensation of over-stretching in the pelvis and hips, as this is the area most affected by relaxin for obvious reasons.

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