Letter to my pre pregnancy self

Sometimes even modern pregnancy tests can get it wrong, giving false negative or positive results. The almost intolerable pressure only intensifies with every passing year as more experts weigh in on everything from the wrong sippy cup to the best school.
25 Dec Many parents are choosing to share their pregnancy and birth news with clever, creative videos - here are some we loved in 2014. 23 Mar Without frightening anyone who is yet to navigate the pregnancy path, here are some things I didn’t expect when I fell pregnant.

27 Feb Mums-to-be exhausted from the physical demands of pregnancy often lament how they wish men would have more appreciation of the difficulties that come with being heavily pregnant. 9 Mar The blood type and Rh factor of a pregnant woman and the father of her baby has all kinds of implications for their unborn child. If you have a kid in your mid-30s - as you're about to - you've enjoyed life at a premium level for a while.
People used to openly dump whatever self-hatred they'd had drilled into them from their own parents straight onto the next generation.

So in an effort to turn my focus this year away from the number on the scale, I write this open letter. A letter to myself, but also as a reminder to all of you — mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, we are all beautiful.

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