Laws about firing pregnant women

If your employer broke the law by firing you, an employment lawyer will hold them accountable and help you defend your rights.
If you want to sue your former employer for firing you, solid evidence is your best weapon.
Of the 84 complaints, about 90 percent came from women employed by small medium enterprises. According to the Singapore MOM website, if you have worked for your employer for a minimum of 3 months, you have maternity protection against retrenchment and dismissal without sufficient cause during pregnancy.

Been certified pregnant by a medical practitioner before receiving the notice of dismissal or retrenchment. If you have been wrongfully fired while pregnant, you can lodge a complaint with the Labour Relations and Welfare Division of the Ministry of Manpower. If you have lost your job in the protection period as specified in the law (last six months of pregnancy), MOM will conduct an inquiry. If you have an employment contract that guarantees you work through a certain date or project, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Then get a free telephone consultation with our Seattle employment attorneys about your case.
Thanks for the very informative post, too many times businesses get away with unlawful firings because the general public is in the dark on theses regulations.

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