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A child must be formally converted if adopted or born to a non-Jewish mother, except within Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism, which accept patrilineal descent.
In the following article, the author omits mention of Reconstructionist Judaism, but in this matter, the movement, like Reform Judaism, accepts the notion of patrilineal descent. Parents may want to consider converting their infants or children to Judaism for a variety of reasons. In all these cases, conversion to Judaism can be seen as a desirable option for the infants and minor children.
In the case of intermarriage, the child of a Jewish woman and her gentile male spouse is universally recognized as Jewish, so that the conversion of the infant or child is unnecessary. Under the Reform movement’s patrilineality principle, the child of a Jewish father and gentile mother is presumed Jewish if the child is raised exclusively in Judaism and engages exclusively in public Jewish acts. Jewish law also allows those people converted as an infant or child to renounce the conversion when they reach maturity.
The conversion of a female infant or child according to Conservative and Orthodox practices only requires tevilah (immersion in a ritual bath called a mikveh). The conversion of infants and children is, of course, a moment of joy for parents, but it is also such a moment for the entire Jewish community. Helpful advice on how to find a mohel or mohelet to perform your son's circumcision, and what questions to ask to make sure he or she is right for you.
Originally, Judaism had no special home celebration to welcome female infants into the covenant. Dan Levin, Senior Rabbi of Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida and Cantorial Soloist Lori Shapiro demonstrate how to light the hanukkiyah. A 3-session class for beginners, Jewish or not, that explores the topics of Jewish spirituality, ethics and community.
For over 100 years, WRJ has annually published the Art Calendar to showcase Jewish artists and to give them a larger and more knowledgeable audience. Recordia nearly died during her fourth delivery, due to the rare obstetric emergency known as amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), or anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy. Women in labor can use our birthing balls, labor bars or a variety of water therapy techniques. For mothers requiring a c-section delivery, we have two operating rooms dedicated to labor and delivery patients.
After a brief recovery in the labor and delivery room, mom and baby will stay on the mother-baby unit.

The admission of a baby to the special care nursery may be overwhelming and surprising to new parents.
With a goal of getting babies healthy enough to go home, our team of physicians, nurses and other specialists will work to assess, evaluate and teach new parents to care for their newborns before they leave the hospital. Whether your child is born prematurely, suffers from a medical condition or has a birth defect, the experts at St. In addition, nationally known surgical and medical specialists, including heart specialists, brain specialists, spinal cord specialists, kidney specialists and many others are available to help with any need that arises for your baby. When doctors saw a mass growing on the neck of one of Sarah and Jason Rouse's twin boys, they sent the family to The Fetal Care Center.
Some Jewish parents are intermarried, and the gentile spouse does not plan to become Jewish, but both parents agree that the single religion of Judaism will be in the child’s best interest. A more delicate and difficult situation arises when the infant or child is born to a Jewish father and gentile mother. Epstein is the author of numerous books, including Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook and Readings on Conversion to Judaism. According to the Talmud (Ketubot 11a), it is permissible for a religious court (a beit din) to convert a gentile infant. After girls reach 12 or boys 13, converted infants and children can legally reject the conversion and go back to their previous religion. Some rabbis may simply have a naming ceremony, while others will include some or all of the same requirements used by the Orthodox and Conservative rabbis.
New children add precious lives to the community and bring with them that most valuable idea of hope for the future. Women and Infants Services provide compassionate and respectful care for women and their families in our clinics, hospital or community, so that they are confident in and pleased with the care received. She says she could not be more grateful to the team at Barnes-Jewish and is thankful that she doesn’t have any devastating long-term effects. The center is available to women who are at least 20 weeks pregnant to use as a resource for any questions and concerns. These babies are treated at The Fetal Care Center, a comprehensive center in the Midwest that offers a fully integrated patient experience in advanced fetal diagnostics, fetal surgical interventions before and after birth, and newborn medicine -- all on one medical campus. The team at Barnes-Jewish Hospital is here to help make your childbirth experience wonderful and fulfilling. After birth, new moms are encouraged to bond skin-to-skin with their babies, even after a Cesarean delivery.

Certified lactation consultants have advanced training in breastfeeding education and offer help in the feeding of high-risk infants. Perhaps either a gentile parent in an intermarriage or a couple made up of two gentile parents decide to convert to Judaism, but their children were born before the conversion.
The Orthodox and Conservative movements do not recognize such a child as legally Jewish, so that, in such cases, Orthodox and Conservative parents need to have their child legally converted to Judaism. Conservative rabbis, in general, accept all Orthodox conversions and all Reform conversions, if the Reform conversions conform to the Conservative legal requirements discussed below.
While parents might have trepidation about immersing a newborn completely in water, the supervising rabbi will facilitate the procedure with great care ensuring that the infant is safe during this momentary immersion. If you think you are in labor, please come to the Pregnancy Assessment Center on the 5th floor instead of the emergency department.
During this time, you and your baby will be able to become familiar with each other in a safe and caring environment. Our nurses can help you start and maintain breastfeeding, answer any questions and provide additional emotional support.
Most babies in the special care nursery are often smaller than full-term babies and need a little extra care but do not need to go to the intensive care unit. Louis Children's and Barnes Jewish Hospitals performed an ex utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) procedure to safely deliver both boys.
Therefore, a minor can be converted even though not mature enough to understand the act because making the minor Jewish is performing a favor for that infant or child.
Reform rabbis, in general, recognize all conversions performed by Orthodox and Conservative rabbis.
After the tevilah ceremony is completed, and a name chosen if one has not already been selected, the child is declared by the beit din to be Jewish. At Barnes-Jewish, you can expect to have the hearing test and the baby’s first bath in your room, to keep mom and baby together as much as possible.

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