Ivf studies for women over 40

Quebec spent more than half a million dollars over two years trying in vain to get 44-year-old women pregnant using in-vitro fertilization.
This Ontario surrogate wanted to help another woman have a child, but the decision nearly killed her Nancy says she signed the contract that made her a surrogate mother mostly to help someone else experience the joy of having children.
The data, says a Canadian bioethicist, are remarkable for what they offer: a glimpse into the true costs, and limited chance of success, of IVF in women over 40 using their own eggs. Between August 2010 and December 2012, Quebec spent more than $16 million in IVF treatments for older women, the new analysis shows.
During that time, nearly 3,700 IVF cycles were started in women aged 40 to 44, resulting in 2,681 embryo transfers.

In all, over the two-year study period, the province spent $597,800 for IVF for women in the 44-year-old age group.
He said the costs are significantly underestimated, but they include only what doctors were reimbursed for the actual procedures, and not the cost of medications, prenatal visits, labour and delivery or hospital admissions for pregnancy-related complications. Overall, only nine per cent of the cycles in women aged 40 to 44 undergoing IVF resulted in a live birth. In Quebec, demand for IVF soared with taxpayer funding: in 2009, before the program started, there were about 1,800 IVF cycles performed in Quebec.
In most of Canada, patients pay out of pocket for the procedure, which can cost about $12,000 per cycle.

Ravitsky, of the University of Montreal, said the Quebec study provides strong justification against taxpayer-funded IVF beyond a certain age.
He said the latest research showed success rates for women aged 42 and over had stayed static at less than 10 per cent.
Even if a woman conceives, being older makes it less likely a live baby will be born and pushes up the risk of abnormalities.

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