I'm 44 and pregnant

Dear Bossip,I am 44 years old and pregnant with my third child.I have a daughter that’s 18 and my son is 21-years old. The guy I am pregnant buy is 41-years old, and he doesn’t have a job, car, no money and he lives at home with his parents.
I know many women who have given birth over 35 and didn't use any drugs to get pregnant. I have one friend who went through several rounds of treatments in her 20s, failed to conceive, and then, at 38, got pregnant naturally.
Want His Child,You’re 44-years old, and pregnant by a man who doesn’t have a job, car, or money, and he lives at home with his parents. Let's think about how many millions of dollars the fertility industry makes -- and whether or not it might be to its advantage to perpetuate difficulties beyond what might actually exist.

And since her husband lost the election, she wants to return to her former career as a pop singer. He has no money, and he lives at home.So, you are dating a child, and having a child by this child. And now here comes Carla Bruni, France's ex-First Lady and an ex-supermodel, pregnant AGAIN at 44 years old. My gyno confirmed for me that she sees women over 35 get pregnant all the time without drugs. Let’s factor in that you will have to continue working to care for this child, and then you have to make sure you healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically as you will be caring for a baby, then a young child, who will turn into a teenager, and then grow from adolescence into adulthood. I advise you to get support systems into place that can be of assistance, and can help you nurture, love, and give your child all the love, joy, and happiness they deserve.

But, just know, that man, the one you are so in love with, will do nothing, be nothing, and contribute nothing. Having a child for a man that you love is the worst and wrong reason to bring a child into the world.
If he lives at home with his parents, and he isn’t contributing or paying bills there, then please know that he will not contribute anything to you, and if you ask him to move in with you, then, he will not contribute or pay any bills at your house either.

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