I want to get pregnant in the next year

Having primary care providers ask all women of reproductive age whether they plan to get pregnant within the next year could help eliminate health disparities. Last week’s Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case may keep access to contraception out of reach for many women. The answer triggers a doctor-patient discussion that will keep women healthier, help eliminate health disparities, and save taxpayer dollars. If a patient hopes to conceive within the next year, the doctor or other medical care provider offers counseling and resources to ensure that her future pregnancy is as healthy as possible. If a woman does not intend to get pregnant, the doctor starts a conversation with her about the full range of contraceptive options available to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. If a woman is uncertain, the health care provider encourages her to take preventive measures until she’s sure. A woman who desires two children will spend three decades of her life trying to prevent an unintended pregnancy. On the flip side, a woman who does want to become pregnant needs services, starting with simple preconception care and transitioning to early prenatal care.
This simple approach was designed by the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health with funding from the Ms. Care providers for low-income women in Oregon, including home visiting staff, Women, Infants, and Children programs, and the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, are starting to routinely ask families One Key Question at intake. The project could have outsize benefits for low-income women, those who live in rural areas, and women of color. In the same way that health care providers routinely screen adults for cancer, high blood pressure, or depression, they must proactively discuss the reproductive health care needs with women of reproductive age. While I don't think any doctor should be pushing a woman to have or not have children, many of these comments assume that the patient is an intelligent, worldly woman who has her sh** together.
Supporting women in making these momentous decisions has enormous cost-saving potential for society.
By asking the One Key Question, Oregon has taken a giant leap forward toward the goal of enabling a woman's right to affordable, accessible, comprehensive health care.

Helen Bellanca, MD, a medical adviser to the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health, contributed to this article. Correction, July 9, 2014: This article originally stated that One Key Question helps providers comply with a new quality metric for health care in Oregon that requires sites to report the proportion of women in their practices who are using effective contraception (among those who do not want to become pregnant). Michele Stranger Hunter is the executive director of the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health.
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George Clooney might have been very vocal about not wanting a child yet with his new wife, Amal Clooney, nee Alamuddin, but he’s had a major change of heart, Us Magazine reports. Moreover, an insider familiar with the situation tells the publication, they have already seen a fertility specialist, because they don’t want to leave anything to chance. George and Amal were married last year, after what could be described as a whirlwind romance. Amal is 37 and George is 54, and they’re also taking into account the possibility of some obstacles down the road. For years, George Clooney and a bevy of beautiful women held headlines across the world with speculation on a possible wedding date or possible pregnancies.
If all this is accurate, Amal didn’t just get him to want to be a married man again, she probably got him to want babies too.
The goal is to put pregnancy intentions on the radar screen of primary care so that a greater proportion of pregnancies are wanted, planned, and healthy. Problems affecting a woman’s health, such as obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure, are best addressed before she becomes pregnant to increase the chances of a healthy outcome.
National professional organizations are taking note as well, with the American Public Health Association and the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health expressing their support. Dollars spent on preventive reproductive health care save money on unintended pregnancies and the health care that follows.

In fact, although sites may be required to report this data in the future, at present data about contraception use is collected through telephone surveys.
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George and Amal are trying to get pregnant and hope to welcome a new member to the family next year. At the time, the handsome actor and one of Hollywood’s most desirable bachelors, had already sworn off marriage, saying he had decided this was not the life he wanted. She is now taking it easier at work so they can focus on getting pregnant, and they hope to move in with their baby next year, in their countryside home in the UK, which is currently in renovations. Consequently, they have visited a fertility clinic just recently to make sure they have all their options covered, the report goes on to mention. The romances were usually short-lived and supposedly always ended with an NDA and a considerable departure gift, which could be anything from an apartment to jewelry or cars.
That means a woman who desires two children will spend three decades of her life trying to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Unintended pregnancy increases financial stressors for families and can derail women from educational and employment opportunities. Healthier pregnancies and births reduce costs for families, the government, and the private sector now and in the future.
Navigation Health & Pregnancy middle next page Most couples 85 get pregnant within a year of trying only only about 8 i want to get pregnant in the next year to 10 do in a given month notes ob gyn professor Not many couples get pregnant when they want.
Fortunately, contraceptives and counseling are still recognized as core preventive health care services under the Affordable Care Act.
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