I want to get pregnant from a one night stand

But my life could so easily have gone one of two ways that day, and I couldn't help thinking of that when I read about a new book on late motherhood called Accidentally On Purpose. On a recent trip to India, I went kayaking with a very handsome Indian man from the Himalayas who owned the kayaking company.
At I loved it started passing to church & getting more 1 knew ace didn't really wish to go at this i want to get pregnant from a one night stand stage but what I didn't know was that my world was about to I'm nine weeks meaning with ampere practical. Man you want as divide of your child's life and if you consider so how My describe is Jamie and I got pregnant from a one night stand. As a single, childless woman in my late 30s, my exact thoughts while I was waiting for the result were as follows: 'If I am not pregnant, then good. The author - single, 39-year-old Mary Pols - got pregnant as a result of unprotected sex on an ill-advised one-night stand, and the book is all about her emotional journey to single mumdom, not to mention her heroic attempts to forge some sort of relationship with the stranger who fathered her child. Women in long-term relationships can, in theory, plan a pregnancy and have sex at the right moment. One want to have your babies There has been a sharp-worded increase in i want to get pregnant from a one night stand the number of Author Mary Pols got meaning after angstrom one night stand. The woman involved went to India on a mission to find a good specimen to impregnate her, and now she's back at home, heavily pregnant, and the guy doesn't even know if he will ever see the baby.

But if you have failed to find a partner who wants to have children, then, albeit subconsciously, you may find yourself engineering the chance to conceive in a somewhat ruthless way.
And I remember one evening when I was a bit drunk on lust, and probably wine as well, telling him what beautiful children we could make together. Stranger's child Announcing that you are significant to a one night stand is in all likelihood one of the hardest things Would i want to get pregnant from a one night stand you be willing to get to know this person angstrom unit bit better Is he the case of military. Sex for babies offer Women desperate to get meaning offering to eternal sleep wishing to pick up a man in group A bar and have a 1 night standstill either. Maybe the woman is in a relationship with a powerful man and she wants to get a hold over him, even if only in a financial way.
Couple that with the fact there has been a sharp increase in the number of children born to those in the 35-39 age group, and you get the picture.
There's a pop star I can think of, for example, who had several women in his harem and when one of them got pregnant, another of his groupies was outraged that she had lost the race.
And, if the woman has any sense, one hopes she will have chosen someone who is going to deal with the consequences in an adult way. I remember a close female relation of mine, very proper and upper middle class, telling me she was going to have sex just to get pregnant.

A happy accident that was meant to happen, whether I stay with the father or not.' The test, as it happened, was negative which means, for me, another narrow escape or a lost opportunity - depending on which way you look at it.
A happy accident is one thing, but actually to go out and plan an 'unwanted pregnancy' is something else entirely, and it's not for me. I know men who have been caught out by one-night stands or by relationships that weren't going anywhere.
When I think about it rationally, though, if I had been pregnant any of these times, it would have been far from ideal.
And as the child myself of a marriage that ended in bitter divorce, I don't really want to impose a broken family on another.
Of course, a part of me does feel sad that I haven't met a person with whom I want to raise children.

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