I want to be constantly pregnant

There’s this romanticized idea of what pregnancy is or should be like for expectant mothers.
Society expects women with child to fawn over their growing babies with tenderness and excitement, but I’m here to tell you, the only thing good about pregnancy to me is the baby you get to enjoy post-delivery. I just want to have my son, hold & keep him warm already and have my fucking body back ! As someone who desperately wants to have children and hopes to get the chance to be pregnant one day, I think this post is totally legit. Every article I’ve read so far on this site (this included) has made me feel less like a jerk for not loving this whole pregnancy process. I really hated being pregnant for the first 6 and a half months, the last 10 weeks the relaxin hormone kicked in and I had almost completely dissolved into the background of my life by becoming a sedentary fat Buddha.
I am now 7 weeks pregnant again after waiting 3 years to even consider another round of hell.
One woman I know is having her third child next month, and throughout all three pregnancies, it’s been constant bitching. I literally feel like people look at me like I have three heads if I say another other than – OMG pregnancy is wonderful! As I near he end of my 5th pregnancy, it has not gained any more appeal than it did the first time around.

I actually kinda envy the ladies who enjoy pregnancy so much because for me it was terrible. I spent most of my pregnancy terrified, anxious, grossed out, and more than anything else, feeling guilty that I wasn’t reveling in each moment and gushing over how wonderful the miracle of life is. Don’t worry, I love my kid with the fierce burning of a thousand suns, but pregnancy is the absolute pits.
Had a relatively easy, uneventful pregnancy but that doesn’t mean I felt rainbows and sunshine. We Constantly Research & Analyze Everything Before Covering Any Topic And Include Real Life Experiences. I have constant back pain that makes it painful to lay or sit for too long, and even getting out of bed is painful. Being infertile is frustrating and people take wild measures just to get pregnant, out of frustrations, whereas, just some home remedies might have done the trick. It’s not as bad as some people’s pregnancies, I know, but it was a far cry from my simple first, where everything really bad tended to only appear the last month! We all need to vent sometimes, but I cannot think of ONE positive thing she EVER said about any of her pregnancies. I’ve been having a tough time coping and feeling bad about not feeling mystical about pregnancy.

You are giving me and countless others a voice and honoring the other side of the emotions of pregnancy. When I was 8 months I went to a birth class and we all had to say what we loved about pregnancy. I was laughing at the posts, some sort of funeral laughter, but it was a relief to know there there is not just me feeling like an anti ad for pregnancy.
Here are some of the things you can do to increase your fertility and your overall chance of getting pregnant. If you were relying on other type of methods like diaphragms or condoms then it won’t take much time for your body to be ready to be pregnant again. My husband was afraid of me, because I go nuts and am angry, a really angry pregnant beast looming at him. I was so scared that I would not love my child, I feel grateful I did the minute he was born, and he seems to love me although I wanted to abort him at 5 months. I’m completely over the moon about becoming a mother but NO, I do NOT enjoy being pregnant.

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