I am trying to conceive for the second baby

Jaime King Is Pregnant, Expecting Second Child With Husband Kyle Newman: See Her Adorable Baby Announcement! Jaime King is pregnant and expecting her second baby with her husband Kyle Newman -- see her adorable baby announcement here. The Hart of Dixie actress, 35, shared a photo of her 16-month-old son James Knight blowing bubbles in a field. The arduous journey, however, was worth it for the star who told Us Weekly last September that there was nothing more rewarding than being a mom.
At the time, King's Hart of Dixie costar Rachel Bilson was expecting her first child with Hayden Christensen. Indeed, babies are taking over the Hart of Dixie set, because their costar Scott Porter also announced earlier this month that he and his wife are expecting a son. Kim Kardashian’s wish has come true, she is pregnant with her second child with husband Kanye West and making baby North West a future big sister.
As the camera has done many times before, it follows a Kardashian into a doctor’s office and this time it was Kim.

With a smile that couldn’t get any wider Kim says to Khloe, “I just got the blood test back and I’m pregnant!” Kim has had an uphill battle trying to conceive a second baby and she’s been very open about her worries that she would never get to say the words “I’m pregnant” again. According to ABC News, Kardashian, 34, and West, 37, will soon have a family of four as daughter, North, who was born in June 2013, will be a big sister for the first time. The majority of the 10th season of the reality show followed Kim's attempts at growing her family. Kim also said, "But we're literally trying everything that we can to make it happen, so I'm to the point now where it's not as stressful to me. Law enforcement took more assets from citizens in 2014 than burglars didIt’s been a tough year for police officers in the United States. The reality TV star revealed that she is expecting her second child during the end of the mid-season finale of their family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.The 34-year-old celebrity announced the news to her family in a teaser for the upcoming episode of the E! Before welcoming her first child, King faced massive fertility issues, and detailed her eight years of struggle to conceive last summer, when James was 9 months old. This bit of news was slipped into Sunday’s mid-season finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians." What a great cliff-hanger, but when it comes to Kim Kardashian, her timing has always been on the mark!

Kim was comparing her attempts at getting pregnant today with how it was the first time around, which she said was so much easier. And maybe that's when they say it happens." It looks as though she may have hit the nail on the head!
Kim toyed with the idea of a surrogate if need be to have a second child, but she wanted to wait and keep trying the good old fashion way!
And maybe that's when they say it happens.'Kim and Kanye already have a daughter, North West, who will turn two on June 15.

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