How to track ovulation to get pregnant

So it’s no surprise that charting while trying to get (or avoid being) pregnant is also made easier courtesy of your phone. If you’ve started to chart or want to, and your phone is your sidekick, these apps are a simple and effective way to keep track of what your body is doing. An app designed from their great site Fertility Friend, this shows both a calendar and chart of temps, along with tracking times for accuracy. Stress tips, a calendar of your cycle, along with entering a "wanted" due date to see what days you might want to get busy on. Just like their site and book, this app gives you the ability to track your cycle, connect with other moms, and read articles about fertility right from your phone.
When a woman is trying to get pregnant, the most important thing is knowing when she is ovulating. For women with regular periods and cycles, simply using a calendar to chart menstrual cycles can give a pretty good idea of when ovulation will occur. Simply tracking the changes that take place in cervical mucus can give women a good idea of when they are ovulating.
Another way that women can track their ovulation is by charting their basal body temperature. The Period Tracker allows you keep daily logs of your moods, PMS symptoms, and when you’re intimate. The period tracker app can be password protected so you can keep it away from prying eyes who might have access to your iPhone or iPod touch. When you’re choosing the best period app to track your menstrual cycle, I highly suggest that you go for the free period apps first.
The first app on the list only shows the pink flower as the icon and it only says tracker on your screen in order to be discreet. For a really long time I wondered whether there would ever be an app for period tracking that did nit look like something designed for a 4-year-old.
I have an android phone and really love my apps but I had never thought of getting one that forecast period and PMS. In 200 words or less, describe your pregnancy app idea for the chance to win $150 gift certificate for Amazon. AboutHip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies is owned and authored by DP Nguyen, an experienced health writer who specializes in pregnancy, baby and women's health issues. If you're trying to conceive, pregnant, or a new mom, check out my recommended products for pregnancy and baby.
For women with irregular periods, it can be difficult tracking the safe and fertile days during ovulation.

Advanced Woman Calendar uses an ovulation tracking calendar from the days you get your period and the day it ends based on the span of a few months.
By having a track ovulation and periods, you need not worry about not conceiving that child within your designated period.
Find out all the methods to track ovulation, so you can pinpoint your ovulation day to maximize your chances of conception. Ovulation, when the egg is released, is the only time during a woman’s cycle that the egg can be fertilized, and she can become pregnant. If a woman’s period arrives around the same time each month, and lasts for around the same number of days, it is pretty easy to figure out ovulation time. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. In this article, you will learn why each period tracking app is the best, and why you need to track your menstrual cycles in the first place. Period tracker apps aren’t 100 percent accurate, but they give you a good estimate of when to expect your next period. It allows you to track the date of your next period, when you’re most fertile and when you’re ovulating.
The Period Diary Pro allows you to track your period, most fertile days, ovulation, PMS symptoms, weight, and more. Period Plus predicts the dates of your periods, most fertile days, and ovulation dates for the next 12 months.
You can also keep track of your pregnancy test results, your mood on any given day, and PMS symptoms that you’re experiencing.
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You know, there are so many different pregnancy apps available for Android, Apple and other mobile devices. Women trying to get pregnant will need an ovulation tracker app that will determine which days are their most fertile from the schedule of your menstrual cycles.
This is why it is so important for women to know when they are ovulating, if they are trying to become pregnant. Simply counting backwards from the day you start your period can give you a good idea of when ovulation occurred, and a woman can use that to determine when you will ovulate in the future. By charting her temperature every day before getting out of bed, and keeping track of it, a woman will notice that her temperature will spike a bit right after her ovulation. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer!

They are truly handy, and some even allow you keep track of your PMS symptoms – which is also really beneficial. For women who are trying to get pregnant, you can track your weight and your basal body temperature with this paid menstrual period cycles app. There are also daily pregnancy tips that will help inspire you as you work towards your goal. You may also want to choose the iPhone app to track your periods based on the overall design. While not as cute as the other two, it has more really useful options like boy and girl prediction, audio notes, lots of symptoms tracking and an export function for sharing with my doctor. For those that prefer the natural method of safe sex, you will have to schedule specifically which days aren’t fertile and you are clear from a pregnancy risk. Counting backwards two weeks from the day you start your period should leave you with an estimated date of ovulation. The spike is very tiny however, so a woman will really have to pay attention to the temperatures that she has been tracking to notice the spike.
This period calendar app also gives you the ability to keep track of your PMS symptoms – like acne, tender breasts, cramps, headaches, etc. Other cool features available from his paid period tracker app include access to a social forum (where you can talk about your symptoms with other women around the world), a graphical display of your periods, and a pregnancy mode. Another nifty feature of this free period calendar app is the ability to keep track of the intensity of your PMS symptoms. This chart clearly indicates both your safe and fertile days; so whatever your purpose for getting this ovulation and period tracker, the function works both ways.
To make sure that you are right on track, Advanced Woman Calendar also charts your basal body temperature, monitors premenstrual syndrome, and lets you print a copy or keep the ovulation calendar as a PC wallpaper. Women can keep track of their cervical mucus to get a better idea of when they are ovulating. When the ovulation predictor kit shows a positive result, a woman can assume she will ovulate within 72 hours.
This of course, will not help a woman to figure out when she is ovulating in the current month, but doing this for several months can give a woman a good idea of when she will ovulate in the future.

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