How to prepare for pregnancy over 35

Being a healthy woman with a healthy lifestyle (exercise, diet, stress) promotes healthy pregnancies and babies.
One reason for the link is that eggs are more likely to be affected by chromosomal abnormalities. This type of diabetes occurs only during pregnancy, and it's more common as women get older.
The obstacles should be discussed with your doctor for the same type of preparation and planning older moms are used to! There may also be a decrease in the number and health of the eggs to be ovulated, because of which it is not advisable for women to conceive after they are 35.
It is true that medical science has advanced and today women over the age of 35 experience safer pregnancies. If you are pregnant and over age 35, it is important that you get early and regular prenatal care so that you can get an early diagnosis and the proper treatment. Stillbirth (delivery of a baby that has died before birth) is more common in women over age 35.

Plus it’s a chance to check for pregnancy and get some blood tests, such as for rubella immunity, and screening tests, such as a cervical smear, carried out before you get pregnant. However, there are many risks associated with delaying childbirth and the chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child may also decline as you age.
The most plausible reason for it is that due to the mother’s age, the egg divides abnormally. If you are over age 35, follow the guidelines outlined in this slideshow to help ensure the best possible condition for your pregnancy.Win Baby Gear! She'll also be able to answer questions about your pregnancy diet, safe prenatal exercise, and any environmental factors you should avoid for the next nine months.Win Baby Gear! Make sure your doctor knows you'll be trying to conceive -- and ask for advice to help keep your body in tip-top shape.Win Baby Gear! Women who are overweight when they get pregnant are more likely to develop problems during pregnancy (and often have more troubles with labor and delivery, too).9 Plus-Sized & Pregnant TipsWin Baby Gear!
In addition to it being a part of your prenatal supplement, add Folic acid-rich foods in your diet; spinach, beans, lentils, and sunflower seeds are all good sources.15 Pregnancy Power FoodsWin Baby Gear!

And make sure you work out on a regular basis -- not intermittently.Easy Walking Workouts for PregnancyWin Baby Gear! Discuss with your doctor if you might be a good candidate for seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines as well.Win Baby Gear! 10 of 16 10 of 16 Facebook PinterestLimit Alcoholic BeveragesExperts are still trying to gauge the affects of alcohol on early pregnancy -- but the American Academy of Pediatrics says that some research shows it can contribute to your chance of miscarriage. You ovulate during this time -- and the chances of getting pregnant will be greater.Win Baby Gear! It is also likely that you have given great consideration to the changes a new baby will bring to your life, so you'll be better prepared to face the challenges and adjustments ahead.Women should be aware of the risks associated with delayed childbearing so they can make informed decisions on when to start their families. And since about half of all pregnancies for women in the United States are unplanned, any woman who is capable of conceiving should follow guidelines to promote reproductive health.Copyright © 2010 Meredith Corporation.Win Baby Gear!

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