How to have a baby girl the sims 3

To have a boy, have the pregnant woman in the relationship go to the food shop and buy around 10 apples.
Over the pregnancy, feed her the 10 apples and once she gives birth, it will be a baby boy. To have a girl, do the exact same thing as Step 1 but instead of 10 apples buy 10 watermelons.
This can be a good thing however if you want a certain gender this article will tell you how you can do it!

You cannot determine the gender of your baby but instead you can try to get a baby boy or baby girl. To get your sim preggers, your relationship with the father must be at least a romantic interest. NOTE: The fruits will not always result in that gender of baby, but they will significantly increase your chances.
Make sure there's a double bed somewhere in the lot they're on, and click "Try for Baby" with the father.

After the Woo-Hoo is done, listen closely-- if you hear a little musical lullaby after the Woo-hoo, congratulations your sim's pregnant!

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