How to have a baby girl positions

The sex of a baby is determined by the type of sperm that wins the race and merges with the egg.
Sexual intercourse that occurs 72 to 96 hours before ovulation is more likely to lead to a baby girl.
To increase your chance of having a girl, your partner should try to ejaculate as close to the vaginal entrance as possible. Additionally, the timing of the woman's and man's orgasms are an important factor in determining the sex of the baby. Your health and the healthy of your baby are two important things to think about when you are pregnant.

While you are pregnant, your doctor or clinic staff will do many tests to ensure you are carrying a healthy baby. The male chromosome (Y) loses it's activity in acidic substances, so X chromosomes have more chances to reach the ovum and fertilize it first. Consumption of foods with high levels of calcium and magnesium, such as green vegetables, in the weeks before conception is likely to result in a girl. If sexual intercourse happens a few days before ovulation, you will increase your chance of conceiving a baby girl because the weaker Y sperm will not survive until the ovum is released.
If the winning sperm carries an X, then the resulting pair will have to be XX, which means girl.

According to scientists, around 82% of women who followed a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and rice in the nine weeks before they plan to conceive to went on to have a girl.

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