How to get pregnant by dr. silber

So, for example, in a book that is heavily in favor of IVF, something which the author thinks is a "romantic" procedure, there is only one mention of the injections necessary to get the process going (and only one chemical is mentioned, with no hint of the multi-injection regimen required), something that every other infertility book or site I've read makes clear is arduous, daunting, and painful for most women.
Silber is very, very opinionated and not afraid to say exactly what he thinks about other doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

After absorbing so much occasionally conflicting information from so many sources (and talking to so many women all over the world on different protocols), I'm glad to know what a leading infertility doctor thinks of it all.I wouldn't recommend this as an introductory book - try reading Toni Wechsler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility and then browse some web sites to get an orientation into the world of infertility.

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