How to conceive and get a baby boy

Understanding the complete picture of conception will be beneficial in your goal to conceive a boy baby. There are foods that you shouldn’t consume if you desire a baby boyThere are many foods that must be avoided because they make your cervical mucus sticky and unfriendly to sperm. Dairy products such as cheeses and yogurt should be kept to a minimum when you are trying to become pregnant with a baby boy. Eat plenty of fruits but avoid eating blueberries as they are acidic and will lower the pH of your cervical fluid. While red meat is good for trying to have a son because it is rich in potassium it is recommended that you do not consume processed and deli meats.
Foods that can change the levels of estrogen in your body should not be eaten as they are harmful to your fertility (want to get a baby boy).
Phytoestrogens such as soy products should not be eaten as they can offset your regular and healthy ovum release. If the spermatozoa are of good quality and the mechanics of the woman’s reproductive organs are in order a doctor may prescribe fertility medication (positions to get a baby boy).

Intrauterine insemination is another method that a doctor can perform to help you get pregnant with a boy baby.
With these two methods fertilization of the ovum by male sperm still occurs inside the body unlike the more difficult assisted reproductive technology techniques.If you would like to conceive a male baby naturally use these positions during intercourse to increase the likelihoodIn order to have a boy baby you should achieve deep penetration during intercourse. There is also concern with women who desire to conceive consuming too much caffeine so try to limit your intake.
Bring the legs of the woman up to the man’s shoulders or put a thick pillow or blanket under her rear and the penetration will be even deeper.
Doggy style is another position that will help in making a baby boy as it provides for deep penetration and a short journey for the sperm to the cervix (how can we have a male baby).
By having sex while standing up gravity will help you become pregnant with a boy baby because the female X chromosome will be slowed down by gravity pulling it down. An important part of having sex to get pregnant with a baby boy is to use a sexual position that will allow for the woman to have multiple orgasms.
During an orgasm the walls of a woman's uterus contracts and this helps to push the sperm through to the cervix.

The more orgasms a woman has and the stronger they are will result in better contracting of the uterus. If you desire a baby son learn everything you can about your phases of ovulationThe part of the cycle that starts at ovulation and ends the day before your next period is known as the luteal phase. You will begin this phase once you ovulate which happens when a mature ovum is released from the ovary and is available to be fertilized. If the egg is not fertilized the corpus luteum dies and uterus lining stops thickening and is consequently shed during menstruation.

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