How to conceive a boy on clomid

Women looking to get pregnant fast can use clomid, a newly found drug for improving the fertility of women. Ask your doctor – The first fact that you need to be sure of before taking clomid is that you are unable to conceive because of ovulation problems. Regular intercourse – You would most probably be advised to start having intercourse five days after taking clomid. Advice for taking clomid pills – You should start taking a clomid pill on the third day of your menstrual cycle and till the seventh day.

Money issues – If money is stopping you from getting pregnant on clomid, there is a way out.
If you follow the the advice given here and the specific instructions by your healthcare provider, getting pregnant by having clomid would be easier. Those wondering about how to get pregnant fast with clomid should learn about the steps that make the drug most effective.
They should build up their sperm for at least two days to make it count on the day when they try to conceive.

Clomiphene citrate is the chemical name of clomid and you can get it for a much more reasonable price from the chemist. Your doctor would decide about the dosage of clomid but the most commonly recommended is 50 mg.

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