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It can sometimes be difficult to tell if you are pregnant in the early stages of conception. It is important to remember that having one or more of these signs does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.
If you have one or more of these signs it may be helpful to go and see your local doctor, family planning clinic or health centre.
Almost every mother-to-be would be afraid of one complication during her pregnancy, preterm or premature delivery. In order to prevent premature labor, one needs to first understand the basic signs and symptoms that can indicate an impending preterm delivery. Accordingly, some of the signs of premature delivery that you need to be aware of include frequent uterine cramps or contractions (exceeding 5 times in an hour), prolonged stomach pain, dull backache, acute vomiting, swelling or puffiness (on the hands and face), painful urination, sudden secretion of watery fluid from the vagina, secretion of bright red colored blood from the vagina, and extreme pressure on the pelvic muscles. The good news is that premature delivery is 100% preventable, provided the fact that you take the necessary steps to stay safe during your pregnancy. Of course if you have been drinking, smoking or using drugs till now, then this would be the right time to stop all that. Accordingly, the nutrients that you need to include into your existing diet during pregnancy include omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and folic acid.

Your doctor would start you on a daily dose of supplements to keep your healthy and fit during your pregnancy. There are chances for pregnant women to contract vaginal infections like yeast, bacterial vaginosis or other STDs.
Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate so it is a good idea to go and see your local doctor if you are still unsure.
They also are able to talk to you about the best ways to look after yourself if you do happen to be pregnant.
There are a number of options for you if you are pregnant and not sure you’re ready to have a baby just yet. A very serious complication that unfortunately is not taken seriously by many pregnant women out there, premature delivery is silent and quick in its attack and in most cases is either ignored until it is too late to make amends.
It also pays to eat at frequent intervals in order to make sure that your baby keeps on receiving these vital nutrients on a regular basis.
These conditions can potentially cause premature delivery via premature contractions and so need to be taken care of as soon you start to notice the initial signs of the infection. However, it’s always worth going to talk to a health professional or taking a home pregnancy test. Having support from a friend or someone you trust may be helpful while you are working out if you are pregnant.

And so, to stay safe from preterm labor, it is considered wise to stop drinking, smoking or using drugs until at least your pregnancy is successfully over. So,┬ámake sure you opt for nutritious diets that enable you to absorb all these vital nutrients without necessarily overeating. Accordingly, five smaller, healthier meals a day would keep you healthy and reduce the chances of a premature delivery. They would help your body cope with the rigors of pregnancy in the long run and would keep your baby safely inside your womb as well. Get the infection checked out by a doctor and opt for prescribed antibiotics to take care of the infection before it spreads to other parts of the body and starts posing threats to your pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it’s particularly important to talk to someone if you are not sure what to do.
Opt for a complete dental checkup at least once during your pregnancy in order to brush aside or take care of little issues that could lead to serious trouble later on. So make sure you relieve yourself whenever you feel the urge to urinate, instead of trying to hold it in.

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