How get pregnant over 40

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AMH is the newest and probably best way to evaluate someone for ovarian reserve – essentially how good your eggs are, and how long they will be functional.
If pregnancy is years away, the perfect solution would seem to be to simply store your eggs until you are ready to use them. While an increasing number of  pregnancies are resulting from frozen eggs, success is not guaranteed since a thawed egg is not always a viable egg. Unless you would like to get pregnant, it's not time to say goodbye to contraceptives quite yet. While plenty of women in their forties, and some in their fifties and sixties, now get pregnant and have healthy babies with the help of fertility treatment, getting pregnant naturally is another story entirely.

If you are done having kids, they may seem like a great reason to ditch birth control altogether — the odds of getting pregnant are really quite small, after all!
If you are over 40 and want to avoid pregnancy, you should remember that those few-percent odds are quite a bit larger than zero.
Every day, I have patients that inquire about freezing eggs in order to increase the possibility of conceiving if life circumstances put pregnancy on hold. While it is unlikely that you will get pregnant, a significant minority of women does indeed conceive spontaneously during the perimenopause.
The problem is, FSH levels do not steadily decline, they  fluctuate from month to month, particularly as women get older.
Women who wish to avoid pregnancy can quit using contraceptives only once their periods have been absent for a full 12 months.

The increasing prevalence of celebrity births after the age over 40 has resulted in a complacency about delaying pregnancy.
What is not widely appreciated is that many of those pregnancies are a result of  IVF using a donor egg from a younger woman.

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