How do you get pregnant by accident

A 20-year-old North Carolina pregnant woman survived a car accident that split her car in two and sent the back end flying on the opposite side of the highway. Haley Smith was driving toward Lincolnton when her car ran off the right side of the road. Smith was treated at the hospital for a few cuts and bruises after firefighters used the jaws of life to get her out of the totaled car. This distressing video shows the moment a fisherman cuts 34 pups from the belly of a pregnant shark they caught on a fishing expedition. A woman who was seven months pregnant has been killed in a freak accident when a falling rock crushed her car. Karine Vocant, a home carer from Dordogne, has been named in the local press as the victim of the accident. Police believe she may have been driving more than 100 mph Firefighter Mike Shrum at first thought Smith had died when he arrived at the scene, calling it one of the 'worst wrecks' he had ever responded to. Shrum found out Smith was pregnant after finding a positive pregnancy test among the debris.

This meant abductions were coming thick and fast, almost as often as your irritating little computer person demands attention from you.
Our team of experts brings you trusted reviews, component testing, strange new mods, under-the-radar indie projects and breaking news around-the-clock. Pregnant female sharks are particularly vulnerable to sport-fishing - as their size makes them a prized catch for fisherman. From all over the world we report on the stuff that you’ll find most interesting, and gives your PC gaming experience the biggest boost. A police investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding the accident and the car and boulder have been taken to a police station in Arudy.

Or so they thought - as players are now reporting their men getting pregnant without even an abduction, so there isn't even the sci-fi excuse any more.
If anything, it could be a reason to pick up the Get to Work expansion, which we decided was alright, but not great.Players have been making their men pregnant pretty much since the Sims 4 came out, but this was both intentionally and via the use of cheats.

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