How can you get pregnant after menopause

Rachel Merchant was just 17 when she was given the devastating news that she would never be able to have children.Doctors told her she had suffered an early menopause which had left her infertile. Specialists told Miss Merchant, now 36, that the condition must have reversed, although they cannot explain why. Up to 10 per cent of women with ovarian failure can conceive on their own, usually because some healthy eggs remain in the body.

It puts them at greater risk of a heart attack, stroke and bone disease in later life which is why HRT is prescribed to replace lost oestrogen.The drug does not prevent them getting pregnant, however, and under 50s are told to use contraception for two years after their periods have stopped. Dr Nick Panay, patron of The Daisy Network, a support group for women having premature menopause, said: ‘Although women are informed that [the condition] is irreversible, occasionally there can be recovery of ovarian functioning due to some eggs still being present in the ovaries. This can lead to periods restarting and even pregnancy.‘It is because of cases such as this we have recommended that the condition should be renamed Premature Ovarian Insufficiency.

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