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Healthy Babies coordinator, Tammy Matthews, recently organized a label reading education session with local dietitian, Lise. FASD is a developmental disorder caused by alcohol consumption by expectant mothers while pregnant.
According to Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines, there is no safe amount and no safe time to consume alcohol during pregnancy.
In another act of awareness-raising, the Disability Council held a clothing and item swap for new and expectant mothers at the Northern United Place in Yellowknife. The moms-to-be who attended were given the chance to sign a pledge to avoid drinking while pregnant, while others pledged to support their expectant friends and family by providing alcohol-free events where they wouldn’t feel the pressure to imbibe.

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Yellowknife, NWT – A group which talks to Northern youth about sexual health and sexuality has won the $1 million Arctic Inspiration prize. FOXY operates throughout the Northwest Territories and beyond, creating a dialogue with young men and women about sexual health issues, leadership and coping skills, and self-confidence.
The Arctic Inspiration prize is awarded annually to teams working on important issues in the Canadian Arctic in the fields of education, human health, social-cultural issues, environment and the economy. Once all the squares were submitted, quilter Anita Griffore of Yellowknife completed the piece.

Information on the impacts of drinking while pregnant and breastfeeding was served up along with a hot lunch.

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