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The landscape of prenatal books for moms-to-be is as wide and varied as the flowers of summer.
Before you are inundated with advice from anyone who has ever been in throwing distance of an infant, here are some of the best books out there for moms-to-be. If there is one book that is mentioned again and again and again by mother's who've been there, it's The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine.
The world-class Mayo Clinic's authorative tome on pregnancy will suit any mother-to-be's bookshelf.
Clearly written and cleanly organized, it has separate chapters for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the newborn baby, with separate areas for complications and special considerations and decisions a parent might face. Ann Douglas's book, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, covers just about every topic from conception to postpartum that you could possibly want to know about.
If you're looking for a book that has a page for every day of your pregnancy, look no further.
The Parent Trip by Jenna McCarthy is another favorite of moms, who love the tone and accuracy of the book. This book is conveniently divided into chapters that are based on each month of your pregnancy and the early postpartum phase.
Overall, this book makes a case for incorporating meat and dairy into your diet during pregnancy.
Despite the fact that the three books have differing philosophies on vegetarianism, they do all have one thing in common, and that is that quality, whole foods are ideal for pregnant women. Blueberries pack in many awesome nutrients, including an antioxidant punch to keep you healthy. If you've ever looked at the pregnancy book section at bookstores, you know that there are many books out there for moms-to-be. This edition for 2015 brings you all the most up-to-date information of both pregnancy care and newborn care.

You can’t just call the doctor every time you have a question, and the book Preparing for a Healthy Baby by Kendis Moore Drake is the next best thing. Moms rave about the valuable reference guide the Mayo Clinic provides and they swear that it's the only book they needed. The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips, Useful Advice, and Uncensored Truths by Susan Magee will keep you company for every one of the 280 days that your pregnancy brings you.
The long-revered book is like a dictionary of what could happen, and some of it is pretty scary. Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs is a light-hearted, but honest look at pregnancy as well, that many consider a must-read for the tough times of pregnancy (and there will be tough times).
Hormone levels fluctuate during the 9 months of pregnancy, generating all sorts of interesting cravings, but crazy junk food binges are not the answer. It discusses both yours and your growing baby’s nutritional needs, how your body changes during pregnancy, and preparation for labor and delivery. Overall, it is a concise book for those who would like to incorporate or maintain a vegetarian diet while pregnant. Written in an in-your-face, sarcastic manner, the book aggressively takes a stand against the dairy industry and the corporate giants who pump sugar and other fillers into products. There aren’t many suggestions for recipes and menu options.  For more recipe tips and ideas, I would keep an eye out for recipes and product reviews in magazines, healthy cookbooks, trusted media sources and holistic food consultants.
Every day, expecting and first-time-moms ask questions on the site about anything and everything pregnancy related.
Originally released in 2002, the second edition came out 10 years later with updated information from health professionals and input from more than 100 parents.
If you’d like to learn more about eating healthily and optimally during your pregnancy and beyond, here are three books to read that will guide your eating habits and choices during this joyful, miraculous stage of creating a new life! There are several magazine style Q&A’s throughout the book, which allows for easy skimming (it is 400 pages).

This book has actually been used by Universities, doctor's offices, clinics and by other professionals, so it’s perfect for any mother-to-be. It was a much gentler (and definitely funnier) guide to a first pregnancy than What to Expect which, quite frankly, freaked me out since it tells readers everything that could ever possibly go wrong with a pregnancy," said mom Angie Brown. Your need to know doesn't stop at the delivery room, so a book like this can help you navigate the bold new world of motherhood. Tips and suggestions round out this book as your baby grows from a teeny embryo to a newborn baby.
By eating right, the mother can avoid complications that are likely to occur during pregnancy. This is a great book to give to a newly-pregnant friend so she can have it handy when the questions start coming. From the questions about odd pregnancy-related symptoms to diet and exercise questions, this book is a wealth of information. It's actually the first thing I buy for my newly pregnant friends and they've all agreed that it's great," said Tara Z. There are several charts throughout that help mothers learn which foods provide essential nutrients to their unborn baby throughout their pregnancy. This book includes everything from a week-by-week guide to baby’s development to what to eat and how to stay healthy.

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