Hcg diet during pregnancy

The HCG hormone works to break down and mobilize fat stores in the body to feed a growing fetus in the event of famine or food shortage. When a person is not pregnant, the hormone works much the same way, and its actions are triggered when the body recognizes that there is not enough calories being consumed. Just because the HCG hormone is made in a woman’s body does not mean that the diet is limited to women; the actions of the hormone work the same in men’s bodies.
Newsome has helped many patients to reach their weight loss goals with the help of the HCG Diet and his weight loss protocols. For this reason, people that take the HCG hormone must follow a very strict low calorie diet that consists of no more than 500 – 800 calories per day. The HCG hormone causes around 1500-2000 calories of fat to be mobilized and available for consumptions as energy each day.

When this is couple with the very low calorie diet, a person can lose weight, retain muscle mass and reduce their hunger. During the pregnancy they also lost large amounts of excess fat while preserving lean muscle mass. Those that do regain their weight may attempt to eat the same low calorie diet they ate while on HCG. He sought to discover how this was possible and shortly after, discovered the function of the HCG hormone.
This HCG products combined with low cal diet is a quick fix for those who are suffering from obesity for ages and found no solutions at all.2. HCG diet mobilizes those extra fats and brings you the perfect figure which you have been yearning for.

Get in Shape in few days:This special diet plan infuses some subtle lifestyle changes that will help you stay in shape even after you have stopped taking HCG products or injection. It also has other correlated benefits that will make your life better.The Cons of HCG DietEverything is excess is harmful, so you can clearly understand that this excessively fast weight loss treatment has some side effects too which can sometimes jeopardize your well-being.
Taking additional Gonadotropin hormone may cause infertility in women making them unable to conceive child.Now that you know what the pros and cons of HCG diet are, it is easier for you to decide whether to go for this treatment or rely on the alternative techniques that are slower but safer.

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