Having trouble getting pregnant at 38

Sarah Briggs, a former senior manager for Watford Council and British Waterways, who is married to David, a 38-year-old accountant, and lives near Carlisle, Cumbria, says she’s had no problem at all getting pregnant in her 40s. It followed 2004 research that suggested of those having sex twice a week, 82 per cent of 35 to 39-year-olds conceived within a year - just 4 per cent fewer than those aged 27 to 34. Her youngest child, Edward, was conceived when she was 48; all her pregnancies were natural, without any fertility treatment.

A lot of the couples were over 35 and had been trying to get pregnant for ten years.’Ultimately, she thinks it’s unhelpful for doctors to put pressure on women to have their children younger. Claudia, originally from Yorkshire but now based in Spain with her husband Javier, 30, says each time she conceived naturally and extremely quickly, with textbook pregnancies.She feels so strongly that older women face an unwarranted barrage of negativity if they want to try for families that she wrote Right Time Baby, a guide to later motherhood.

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