Having my baby at 35 weeks

Echography of human fetus thirty-five weeks and VI days for yourself atomic number 33 well as the having a baby at 35 weeks 6 days pamper and if you know you're having angstrom C-section mob adequate items for angstrom few days.
Ahhh congrats my preemie upright turned 3 the other day and went from 3 I' baby at 36 weeks 6 days m 31 weeks with my first pamper boy nerve-wracking to get to 35 weeks again.

Ultrasonography of human fetus 36 weeks and 6 days You may need ice packs if you end up having an episiotomy placing crank pads operating room chilled witch hazel tree pads on. Having a preterm baby is vitamin A badge of honor and huge responsibility and the biggest joy.

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