Having a baby with a man over 40

Uma Thurman meanwhile didn't plan on having any more children after the two children she had with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, until she met new man Arpas Busson. The study revealed mothers who give birth over the age of 40 were less likely to have sickly children. However, the offspring of older men, though less attractive, are likely to outlive their peers with younger fathers, it is claimed.Professor Lee Smith, a geneticist at Edinburgh University, told the Sunday Times other research found such children have longer telomeres - the caps on the end of chromosomes - which are associated with longer life. For decades, the age of parents has steadily crept northward, with women bearing the brunt of our collective social and scientific anxiety. But let’s face it: it’s not just mothers who are getting older, and it’s not just women who fret over the perfect age to start a family, or who face fertility problems and birth complications. Many men think such worry is somewhat overblown; after all, Pablo Picasso had his last kid in his 70s, and theoretically—look at eight-times-a-charm Rod Stewart!—men can father forever.

Over the last several years, however, evidence has mounted that the reasons Alexander should worry, and David might want to reconsider, are not just social.
If all that weren’t enough to frighten men into fatherhood, there’s more new evidence that the myth of the man-who-can-father-forever may be exactly that: a myth. Meanwhile, Alexander says he’s also heard that, as with women, his chance for fatherhood may diminish by the year.
We endlessly wring our hands over how old is “too old” to be a mother, and we obsess over the quality and fragility of our egg supply. Using pubescent, teenage, fertile male mice, the scientists mated the boys with three to five young females each month, for months. In fact, the lead scientist on the study, Mandy Katz-Jaffe, says, bluntly, that men who are 35 and not yet partnered should consider freezing their sperm.

Freezing sperm can improve their chances of having a healthy offspring when they do want to have children. So Alexander (not his real name) finds himself in the unique position of commiserating with his women friends who’ve yet to find partners, or whose spouses are dragging their feet on kids. So errors get introduced.” And those errors—called point mutations—can create a fetus with abnormalities.

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