Having a baby tooth pulled

Children as young as 18 months old are having multiple rotten teeth pulled out as parents feed toddlers soft drinks through sipper bottles, and chocolate biscuits and Milo as bedtime treats. Dentist and veteran anti-sugar lobbyist Rob Beaglehole said he pulled several teeth on Monday from an 18-month-old, and had once treated a 2-year-old who had been drinking Coke from a baby bottle. Children typically begin losing their baby teeth around the age of six, and it usually begins with the incisors, or the teeth in the very front of the mouth.
A child will often wind up removing the teeth simply by playing with them–pressing their tongue against the loose tooth or rocking it back and forth with their fingers. Start by rubbing a little oral analgesic on the area around the tooth and allow it a few moments to numb the area. Using a clean tissue or some gauze, you can wiggle the tooth back and forth to make sure it is ready to come out. When the bleeding has stopped, examine the gums to make sure there are no fragments of the baby tooth stuck in there.
Though it might be very tempting to pull a baby tooth, keep in mind that if you can let your child do it, that’s even better. Anytime there is an opening in the body, such as the small tears in the gum from losing a tooth, infection can occur.
But keep in mind that in most cases, losing a tooth is actually very easy, and once your child loses that first tooth–the others follow quickly!
The bird puts its head into the boys mouth and begins pulling on the loose baby toothIn the short clip, the bird, which appears to be a monk parakeet or quaker parrot, can be seen standing on Anton’s shoulder as he opens his mouth wide.Anticipating what is about to happen, the video maker says, ‘I can’t watch this, I can’t watch this,’ as the bird begins pecking at the tooth. The number of patients seeing a dentist fell by 1.2million, leaving thousands without the treatment that could have stopped their teeth getting so bad that they had to be pulled out.

As the larger adult teeth begin to grow, the roots of baby teeth are reabsorbed, leaving them held on by nothing but a little bit of connective tissue. Often the tooth will simply fall out without any pain, turning into a pleasant surprise for the child.
When your child shows you a loose tooth, encourage him or her to work it with their tongue on a regular basis to loosen it up more. You could also give your child a dose of pain medication before you pull the tooth, especially if your child is nervous about it.
In most cases, the area will be perfectly clean, and you might even see the top of the adult tooth ready to come through!
That’s because a child can assess just how much it hurts to pull the tooth, and they can tell just how loose it is.
Pulling out baby teeth is a big question for parents who wonder if it might hurt their child. But if the tooth seems to hang around for several weeks, you might be able to help it along by grasping it with a tissue, then giving it a quick twist. A child who pulls their own tooth will be able to do it much more painlessly than you could.
Mr Lamb added: 'The dental contract was supposedly designed to improve the situation, but the staggering rise in tooth extractions proves the massive failures of thisbotched initiative.
Some parents are afraid a child might swallow the tooth if they lose it while eating, and some children might be very impatient for the tooth to come out.

The good news is that if the tooth is truly ready to come out, pulling it can be absolutely painless. But if it feels as though it is just hanging by a thread of tissue, or is so loose that you are surprised it hasn’t come out yet, you can likely pull it with just a quick twist or jerk. Experts have warned that the incentives it offers make it more profitable for dentists to take a tooth out than to try to save it with complex treatments such as crowns or bridges. A patient has to pay ?45.60 for a tooth to be taken out, and ?198 for crowns, bridges or dentures.
With the money already in the bank, the fear is that some dentists may feel less inclined to carry out complex and expensive procedures and instead choose the cheaper option of taking the tooth out.
Last year MPs concluded that patients were having teeth pulled out unnecessarily as a result of the dental contract.
The British Endodontic Society said the contract provides dentists with a 'financial incentive to persuade a patient to have a decayed tooth extracted rather than undergo the more complex procedure of restoring it'.

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