Having a baby past 45

Emotional decision: A new series titled I'm Having Their Baby explores the heartbreak experienced by women who chose to put their babies up for adoption.
In her defense, Mary had been told by Eric prior to the affair that he 'couldn't do another five years'.'I hooked up with him [the ex-boyfriend] and then found out [about the pregnancy] and Eric told me he still loved me but he didn't want anything to do with the baby,' she says. Each thought a neighbour had relatives with a new baby staying over and it was 24 hours before a 53-year-old woman living in the flats peered inside the bag while putting out some rubbish.

I can’t imagine her horror as she spotted me, a tiny baby numb with cold and severely dehydrated. Popstar Justin Bieber believes the allegations he fathered a baby by a fan are simply all part of his job.
My adoptive siblings – Robert, then 12, Martin, 11, and Debra, nine – doted on their new baby sister and I enjoyed an idyllic childhood.

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