Having a baby in your 40's

Follow an exercise routine that you can keep during your pregnancy: walking or swimming are great!
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Many women in their 40s get pregnant after struggling for years with infertility, or they decide to start a family after having finally found Mr. Up until the end, Jacqueline's pregnancy went well, having alphafetoprotein and other routine blood work, an amniocentesis and internal ultrasounds with her doctors at Weber Ob-Gyn, but "nothing too invasive," Jacqueline said.

The good news is that the most sophisticated diagnostic technology is here to guide your baby out of the womb and into the world. With many disorders that may arise or already exist in both the mother and the baby, early screening and testing can improve diagnosis, preparation and response, Ural said. Fear nothing, as doctors these days have a lot of experience handling pregnancies like yours. She hadn't felt the baby kick much, she had gained 5 pounds in five days and her feet were swollen.

The risk of Down's is one in 100 at age 40 and one in 30 at age 45, while the risk of miscarriage reaches about 50 percent by age 42, according to American Baby Magazine.

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