Having a baby in fallout shelter

In the recently launched Fallout Shelter, the easiest and best method for you to get the extra Dwellers you need is by having babies.
Fallout Shelter players seem really fond of having a single dude impregnate the entire female population, sometimes while dressed as something absurd.
The entire game is like this; it’s clear that Bethesda put in the time to make sure the game stuck to the iconic Fallout aesthetic.
This is my favorite thing to do in Fallout Shelter, just reading what my characters are doing like that. You can check out Fallout Shelter on the app store here; Bethesda says an Android version will follow a few months from now.

I am here to share with you a complete guide on how to have babies in Fallout Shelter and therefore help you get it to the next level!
In other words, you can get all the ladies pregnant in Fallout Shelter and the best thing is that you don’t even need different men for that. If your population is maxed out, the baby won’t be born until you free up some space. Fallout Shelter makes me feel like a real life Immortan Joe from Mad Max, cooping up his wives to ensure only the most beautiful women are allowed to procreate. I’m…kind of addicted to Bethesda’s new mobile Fallout game (which, by the way, is coming to android in a few months!) I keep pulling out my iPad all throughout the day, to make sure my vault citizens are happy and properly supplied.

They are simply baby making machines, as integral to the success of your vault as a water plant or diner.

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