Halle berry pregnant at 46

Halle Berry has a five year old daughter, Nahla Ariela, from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry. Halle Berry thrives on being pregnant, describing herself as feeling like “Superwoman” during her last pregnancy. Halle Berry is reportedly very excited over the pregnancy, and she is looking forward to a pregnancy experience as good as her pregnancy five years ago.
Pregnant Halle Berry showed off her famous figure in a sexy maxi dress, while Kate Middleton showed off her growing baby bump in a pretty peach dress.

Pregnant Halle Berry showed off her baby bump in a tie-dye maxi dress as she enjoyed a Mother’s Day lunch with her daughter, 5-year-old Nahla. According to an April 6 report on People Magazine, her spokesperson confirms the news that Berry and her fiance, Olivier Martinez, 47, are expecting a baby this fall. There has been tremendous custody strife with the child's father, Gabriel Aubry, over Berry’s attempted move to France which was thwarted by the judge. Most mothers who have had children as older women relate that the pregnancy is more challenging as you age.

Pregnant celebs Evan Rachel Wood, Kim Kardashian and Courtney Mazza Lopez round out our list of cutest pregnant celebrities of the week.

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