Getting pregnant after giving birth 2 months ago

A few days ago, I was standing in the babies room of my son’s new daycare centre and I was a little nervous. At three months I was barely ready to leave my baby with my partner for a few hours, let alone drop him off at a daycare centre for the day.
A new report has revealed this horrific evidence for new mums in the US – 25 percent are forced to return to their work less than two weeks after giving birth. The plan involved giving birth during school holidays so that her mother, a teacher, would be available to help.
She purchased an insurance policy that would cover some of her wage while she cared for the baby and timed her conception so as to be sure the arrival of her baby occurred more than 12 months after starting work in her new job (any less and she wouldn’t be eligible for the government funded paid maternity leave).

Natasha Long, 29, was forced to return to work just three weeks after the birth of her third child. Sweden offers 16 months of paid parental leave, and in Finland, after about 9 months of paid leave, the mother or father can take—or split—additional paid “child care leave” until the child’s third birthday.
Lerner notes that for mothers in some Muslim traditions the first 40 days after birth are spent in their mother’s homes.
She’s had an emergency  caesarean, her incredibly premature baby is clinging to life, yet she has to return to work less than a fortnight after major surgery!
It’s not surprising then that after only a few days she began to develop symptoms of depression.

Japan and India’s sacred time lasts several months and today, by law, the 30 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)—democracies with market economies—provide an average of more than a year of paid leave.

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