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Not only do you need to get your body ready for pregnancy, you need to think about getting your mind ready for pregnancy as well. When preparing for pregnancy, women often take every course of action possible to ensure that they are getting their bodies as ready as possible. Probably the most important part of getting ready for pregnancy, is talking with your partner. Before getting pregnant, it is a good idea to also look at your relationship and see if there are any areas you need to improve before starting a family.
Of course, when you are thinking of getting pregnant, you are thinking about having a baby. Before you get down to the business of baby making, it's a good idea to schedule a basic checkup with your ob-gyn to make sure that there aren't any surprises going on with your body that you should be aware of. It's never a bad idea to amp up your vitamin intake, and adding a prenatal pill to your daily routine will only increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy from day one.
Drinking enough water is essential to your systems functioning correctly at all times, but especially during pregnancy and prepregnancy. Being either under- or overweight is a surefire way to cause added stress to your pending pregnancy. If your current workday regime involves multiple trips back and forth to the coffeemaker, it's time to ease up on the caffeine. To give your baby the best start in life, it's best to get your body in tip-top condition before trying to conceive.
Not only will this increase your chances of getting pregnant (NHS 2014a), it will also set you up for a healthy pregnancy. If you're overweight, losing weight will reduce the risk of certain health problems for you and your baby, especially if your BMI is 30 or higher.
Adopting a balanced diet and keeping fit now will also give you a great start to pregnancy.
Fortunately, in many cases, achieving a healthy weight will get your cycle back on track (NHS 2015a). Some over-the-counter medicines, such as ibuprofen, aren't safe in early pregnancy either (NHS 2014b).

Your doctor may also ask about any terminations, miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies you've experienced.
Having treatments for STIs before you conceive can greatly increase your odds of a successful pregnancy.
If you're due for a cervical screening (sometimes known as a smear test) within the next year, you may be able to have it before you conceive. Depending on your ethnic background and medical history, you may also need a test for genetic disorders such as sickle cell disease and thalassaemia (NICE 2012). If you need to be vaccinated with a live viral vaccine, as for rubella, you should wait one month after the vaccination before trying to conceive (NHS 2015c). If you're in a high risk group for hepatitis B, you can choose to be vaccinated against that disease as well. While you're thinking about how to get ready for this exciting journey, find out which lifestyle changes you may want to consider, too.
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But if you're in the early stages of planning for pregnancy, there's plenty that you can do to get your body into prime baby-making shape.
Consult your doctor for a recommended brand or prescription, or pick up a bottle from your local pharmacy or drugstore.
H20 provides cushioning and lubrication to the body's tissues and organs, and helps to distribute nutrients and hormones throughout the body.
Exercise is also an important part of staying fit during pregnancy, so if you're just getting started, consider something that will work well when there's a baby on board. Many doctors OK the consumption of a cup or two of coffee a day during pregnancy, but more than that can be risky. This is because cervical screening isn't usually done during pregnancy, as the natural changes to your cervix make the results difficult to interpret (CKS 2007).

This is because women who are anaemic sometimes need to take extra iron supplements during pregnancy (NICE 2012). This is a precaution, as it's thought that your body needs time to get rid of the injected virus. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! You don't have to go cold turkey right away, but swapping some of that java and tea for water is a wise decision. Smoking and drinking alcohol can both cause serious health problems for your baby if you do conceive. Instead, she'll refer you for some extra support, to help you give your baby a healthy start in life (NICE 2012). But your doctor needs to know what's happened in your past so she can ensure that you get the best care and advice now. You may not even realise you're pregnant at this point, which is why you should start taking folic acid as soon as you start trying. In a nutshell, make sure that you think your decision through and that you are prepared for your life to be forever changed. But if you've been using the contraceptive injection, it may take up to one year after your last injection for your usual fertility to return (NICE 2012).
Everyone knows that babies are expensive, so it can really give you some peace of mind to have the financial aspects figured out before you get started. It is a good change, but a change nonetheless, and you should make sure that you are ready. Ask your GP or practice nurse whether you need to have a test done before you become pregnant. Most surgeries provide a special check-up for couples who are trying for a baby, known as preconception care.

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