Fibroids can\u0027t get pregnant

Jewel FiteOct 14, 2015Women with PCOS, especially when it is severe will find that it is harder for them to become pregnant.
Edith WatkinsOct 05, 2015Getting pregnant quick and easy is something that many women attempt to do.
Jewel FiteSep 30, 2015PCOS is a condition that many women suffer from when they are trying to become pregnant. Jewel FiteSep 23, 2015Most people believe that if you are having a period that you are able to become pregnant. Edith WatkinsSep 21, 2015Fibroids are extremely common and many women are able to become pregnant with them.

Laurelle FenlonJun 17, 2015There are many reasons that a woman may struggle when she is trying to become pregnant. If there is no error in peno-vaginal sexual intercourse, it is best to get your man test his semen for motility and sperm count.
If the fallopian tubes are narrower or blocked with cysts, ovum does not reach the uterus, eliminating chances of fertilization and pregnancy. If the endometrium, or this inner lining is unhealthy, or damaged, implantation does not occur and hence pregnancy is not possible. Hameed Ibrahim has developed a unique Cell Detoxification and Regeneration Therapy (CDRT), which can treat every defective parameters regarding Ovulation, egg size and quality, follicle maturation and rupture, tubal block, Poly Cystic Ovaries, Uterine fibroids, hormonal imbalance very effectively .

Hence, pregnancy is possible, only when the couple indulge in sexual intercourse for five days earlier and after, ovulation.
Women with this condition suffer, multiple miscarriages and require medical intervention to carry on with pregnancy.

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