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38 years old Debbie had endured a miscarriage from natural pregnancy and subsequent failures in 4 IUIs and 2 IVFs. Just when you're leaning in to your life, you can start hearing it in the distance: the drumbeat of fertility anxiety.
This isn't to say that conception won't happen—women in their early 40s have healthy babies naturally all the time, said Dr.
Cervical fluid serves as the body’s natural lubricant, and can be impacted by certain imbalances or deficiencies, as we refer to them in Chinese medicine. The good news, as Diana Timmins discovers, is that there are an abundance of stress-free, natural therapies that can help.
Yoga is a stress-free method of maintaining a healthy weight and in fact, specific yoga programs tailored to enhance fertility exist. A naturopath’s herbal blend may not be incredibly tasty, but it addresses the needs of your entire body for optimal physical and psychological health. CAFFEINE - Studies indicate a reduction in female fertility when more than 300mg of caffeine is consumed daily. Elizabeth Fino, reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at the NYU Fertility Center in New York City.
Many times, it is used along with basal body temperature (BBT) charting as a means to determine optimal fertility, for the purposes of either trying to conceive or to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes patients turn to commercial or natural lubricants, but based on a recent article couples who are trying to conceive should be wary of which ones they decide to use.
A 2002 study published in the medical journal, Fertility and Sterility examined 160 females undergoing IVF, half of whom were also receiving acupuncture. American actress and yoga practitioner, Brenda Strong, has combined the benefits of yoga and acupressure (Tibetan finger pressure techniques), to create the Strong Fertility Ball Yoga Method. Dong Quai is just one natural herb that may be part of the potion for women who suffer with irregular cycles, as it promotes more predictable ovulation patterns and relieves menstrual bloating and cramping.

Vitamin B6 is another natural substance that aids fertility, by potentially lengthening luteal phase and enhancing fertilization and implantation. Avoid heating or storing food in plastic containers before it has cooled and utilise natural or certified organic lubricants and cleaning and beauty products to create a toxin-free environment. Women undergoing in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments are advised to lower their daily caffeine intake to a maximum of 50mg.
The study revealed white wine to be the biggest culprit for women, where as beer had the biggest impact on male fertility. A 2013 study from Fertility and Sterility determined that 78 percent of 35- to 40-year-olds became pregnant within a year, compared with 84 percent of women between 20 and 34, if both groups had sex during the most fertile time in their cycles.
Each year, thousands die naturally, so by puberty, you're at 300,000, and the numbers continue to decline.
Being seriously overweight can also put a dent in fertility, but carrying 10 or even 20 extra pounds won't affect it. Her journey (and the latest research) may help separate fertility fact from fiction.On a bitter-cold December night five years ago, I took a pregnancy test. A study in the April 2014 Fertility and Sterility journal addressed how various lubricants can impact sperm motility.
They could be tip-offs to treatable conditions such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids, which could impair your fertility if left unchecked. This type of cervical mucus is an important way that sperm survive the acidity of the vagina, and promotes the passage of the sperm up into the fallopian tube where fertilization of the egg can occur. A woman's fertility begins to decline after 30, sliding by 3 to 4 percent each year, according to a Netherlands study published in the British Medical Journal, and doctors consider 35 to be an "advanced maternal age." Another study found that getting pregnant is nearly impossible after age 44. So when I recovered, I saw a doctor, who diagnosed me with endometriosis and suggested I see a fertility specialist.
After one unsuccessful round of artificial insemination and a few months of taking Clomid, a fertility drug that gave me awful headaches, I became a candidate for in vitro fertilization (IVF), a costly process in which the egg is fertilized outside the body.

Traveling halfway around the world may seem radical and extravagant to some, including my husband, initially; the $3,000 program wasn't covered by health insurance (most holistic fertility treatments aren't).
Unlike some holistic fertility treatments, acupuncture is a licensed medical profession in most states with recognized standards and regulations.
Here on earth, though, no single food will make a woman magically conceive, but analysis shows that diet does play a role.The researchA recent study linked a Mediterranean-style diet rich in vegetables, vegetable oils, and fish to a better chance of conception after fertility treatments.
Each morning I drank raw whole milk from a cow at the clinic, because according to Ayurvedic tradition, raw milk -- since it comes from a peaceful, mothering animal -- is said to enhance fertility. Now that I'm home, I try to get the milk through an Amish farmer -- not sure if it's worth the effort.The bottom lineDon't obsessively follow any so-called fertility diet, Domar says. More clinics are offering fertility rubdowns, such as myofascial release and Ayurvedic abhyanga, in which the abdominal area is gently kneaded to target the uterus.
Just stick with licensed therapists who specialize in fertility, especially if you're undergoing assisted reproductive technology.
Stress plays a role in 30 percent of fertility problems, studies find, yet it's often the last thing women address.
Other studies suggest that yoga can "arrest stress and open the body," says Brenda Strong, spokesperson for the American Fertility Association. After a few group meditation sessions, finding my inner stillness wasn't much of a struggle.The bottom lineA group session of fertility-focused yoga, meditation, and cognitive therapy could be one of your best bets, Domar says.

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