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I’ve collected some of best (meaning “worst”) questions I found that were written by women on the topic of pregnancy. If you have something to say, get in touch via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or on Twitter. What I'm trying to say is that these questions might seem laughable to us, but in it's real essence these questions could be just another door that would open for future innovations and possibilities that would somehow pave the way for humanity's existence. There was one I saw on Y!A a few months ago that was posted by a troll(search man egg l on yahoo answers). Sir, you should be less woried that your girlfriend is pregnant and more worried that your girlfriend is no longer a virgin.
The only reason I'm touching this is because I think you should know: if you get pregnant during school you will have to leave for a few months. I know this is a cheap shot, nearly 100% of the population is capable of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant, but it’s also v emotional because duh, babies.
You can probably even have a sexual relationship with someone the way you can have phone sex with someone.

I’d say that this was the most universally asked question amongst my middle and high school classmates regarding pregnancy to the point where I’m shocked it’s still being asked. Especially when you “reward” their behavior by getting back together with them, marrying them and building a family with them (and lost your biological family in the process.) That is not a small issue if it hurts your feelings. Sure, back in 2001 I’d say a pretty solid handful of my girlfriends had taken a stolen pregnancy test in a CVS bathroom because they gave their boyfriend a handy at the movie theater, but I thought kids these days were suckin’ and fuckin’ in their parents’ living room by age twelve now.
And if my response didn’t get to you in time, I do hope that you’ve found other words for semen so that some day your young son doesn’t expect a stream of cashews to come flying out of his dick when he’s ready to make his own baby with someone he may or may not love.
I could totally picture someone getting that confused, but if they were the type to watch international news, I doubt they'd get it mixed up. I can't believe people take more time posting a stupid question on Yahoo than it would take to Google it. Thirds, I notice that you’re probably super observant and smart because you know how pregnant you are to the day. Well, ontop of asking good questions and logical ones and have it be debated in a rational way.

Unless you like, literally never get fucked except for one time eight weeks and four days ago and this whole thing is just a fluke. But each time I do that I get people that simply want to demean me instead of my arguements, and therefore I remain unsatisfied. I fucked uuuuuuuup,” and unless she’s a sociopath like your husband, she’ll probably help you out because leaving a pregnant relative homeless is like, next level Terrible Person™. I’ve never been pregnant, I don’t know how these things work, but I’m guessing that at that stage of the pregnancy, I’d be worried about my fetus every second of the day and examining anything that came within ten yards of my body, let alone shit that I swallow.

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