False pregnancy in women

A false pregnancy is a phenomenon in which a female experiences many of the symptoms of being pregnant but is not, in fact, with child. One of the hallmarks of pregnancy, the development of the "baby bump" in the abdominal region, is often present in women who experience false pregnancies.
This phenomenon, which is also referred to as hysterical pregnancy, is not especially common in humans, but does occur in other mammals. There are some theories that a false pregnancy may be the result of a deep desire to have a child. In many cases, a women who is experiencing a false pregnancy will be referred to a mental health professional.
The main one is taking HCG for fertility problems - HCG is what the tests measure! Another big cause of false positives is reading the test too late.
When a human woman experiences a false pregnancy, the phenomenon is referred to as pseudocyesis.

An examination by a doctor, especially with the use of ultrasound technology, can determine that there is no fetus in the woman's uterus. The treatments provided by mental health professionals can vary quite a bit and there is not a mental health treatment that is widely used and known to cure false pregnancy.
Apparently, a positive result can turn up after a long enough time has passed even though the woman is not pregnant. Some women also experience morning sickness, soreness in their breasts, as well as an absence of menstruation, all of which are also symptoms of pregnancy.
There are some women, for example, who experience false pregnancies but assert that they have no desire to have a child.
There are a few statistics that point to specific age groups that are at a higher risk for false pregnancy. That's why they say not to read the test after a certain time period (usually ten minutes, I think). And then there's chemical pregnancy, which I've experienced.

When a woman experiences a false pregnancy, she usually strongly believes that she is pregnant and she also has a number of physiological symptoms to back up the belief. Some women who have experienced false pregnancies have also reported the sensation of fetal movements. The nurse who heads the cancer support group told me that back in the day, with the swelling from all the fluid caused by the cancer, that many women were diagnosed with false pregnancy.

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