Facts about sex during pregnancy

About the authorJacqueline Thomas is a writer and stay at home mum who enjoys watching Star Trek and staying in the moment. Some couples find pregnancy to be the ideal time to get intimate, while others believe in total withdrawal from sex. Hormonal changes affect your sexual desireThe spurt of hormones in your body during pregnancy affects your desire to have sex. Oral Sex isn’t that SafeIf your partner has oral herpes or can feel blisters and bumps in his mouth, oral sex should be completely avoided.
Another important consideration while having sex during your pregnancy is to avoid oral sex which also involves blowing into the vagina.
Many pregnant women might not know what they put on their bodies which is just as important as what they are putting in their bodies.
Getting leg cramps might not be big thing to worry about but it defiantly can cause trouble.
Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases of a woman's life and can also take a toll on mental health. Facts about Pregnancy - There are some important facts which you must know about pregnancy. The given facts about twin pregnancy will help you in the better understanding of complications and surprises it brings together. Facts about Breastfeeding - During pregnancy if one must breastfeed then certain precautions need to be followed. All about condoms - Condoms is a type of birth control (contraceptive) used during sexual intercourse.

Among the inroads to sex include lack of knowledge about its practice, timing and frequency, the fear of hurting the baby, nausea, fatigue, awkwardness and the risk of pregnancy complications. The idea of getting intimate may backfire when the partner of the pregnant woman is unable to understand her psychological state and emotional needs. The sex drive dips significantly in the third trimester, primarily because she feels she is unattractive. During pregnancy, a woman is more vulnerable to contracting deadly STDs and therefore, unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners during pregnancy should be completely ruled out. During pregnancy, the vaginal blood vessels that lead to the brain and heart are expanded and blowing air into the vagina can lead to formation of bubbles in the cervix that can reach up to the uterus. Ruth also stated that some couples should refrain from having sexual intercourse during pregnancy because of the fear of damaging the foetus by thrusting of the penis and that in most cases, vaginal intercourse does not cause any damage but under certain conditions an expecting couple should refrain from having it. Miscarriage can be due to the structural abnormalities in the uterus and having sex in such a situation can harm the foetus in the uterus and may lead to loss of pregnancy.
In general travelling in pregnancy can be safe, but there are certain precautions that must be taken. To solve your worries related to sexual activity while you’re pregnant, here are some facts on pregnancy.
Intercourse during pregnancy carries no risk of miscarriage or any other harm to your foetus.
The best way to protect yourself against STDs is to use condoms every time you have vaginal, anal and oral sex during pregnancy.
Under the following conditions, doctors advise keeping from engaging in sexual activity during pregnancy.

Westheimer supports this in her book titled Sex for Dummies by stating that “Oral sex is a good way for the man to give a pregnant woman an orgasm, but he never blow into the vagina. If you have sex during this time, the penis may touch the cervix or put additional pressure on it, damaging it and inhibiting the baby’s growth. Having sex while keeping in mind the physical and emotional requirements of your pregnant wife would be best way to prevent any physical or emotional harm to her.
Read more here.So  even if your baby cant get pregnant because you had sex during pregnancy, you could end up a double-pregger! A lot of couples are weirded out by a marked increase or decrease in movement immediately following sex. You must approach sex during pregnancy with a lot of humor because, like it or not, there's always a third person in your bedroom, and never in a sexy way.
On one side, he's thinking about the baby and impending fatherhood, and on the other, he's moved by a need to have sex. Most men find the pregnant body desirable-- the Rubenesque figure with full breasts and soft curves. It's a good idea to talk with your partner about his concerns on and expectations of your appearance. You can't change the inevitable pregnant belly but you can know, once and for all, if your guy is still turned on by you.

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