Exercise during pregnancy lower birth weight

Maternal exercise may reduce risk of high birth weights without changing the risk of have a small or premature baby. EDMONTON, Alberta, May 12 (UPI) -- Myths about exercise during pregnancy continue to be knocked down as women look to stay active, with another study released Tuesday finding that healthy activity reduces the risk of having a large baby and the need for Caesarean section. Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada analyzed 28 studies that included 5,322 pregnant women, comparing those who participated in some type of regular supervised physical activity with those who did not. Pregnant women who are vaccinated against the flu are significantly less likely to deliver premature or low-birth-weight babies compared to unvaccinated expectant mothers, new Canadian research finds. In what is being described as the first study of its kind in humans, University of Montreal researchers found that the brains of babies born to women who exercised moderately throughout their pregnancies appeared to mature more rapidly. The new findings suggest that flu shots help prevent pregnant women from going into premature labour.

For their study, the researchers looked at all women who delivered an infant at any hospital in the province of Nova Scotia during the two flu seasons immediately following the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Low-birth-weight babies are also at higher risk of dying in infancy than normal weight babies. Women who lived in rural areas, as well as those with underlying health problems, were more likely to be vaccinated against the flu than single women, women with more than one child and those who smoked during their pregnancy, the researchers found. Many expectant women worry about the safety of flu shots, even though the vaccine, which is made of inactive or killed influenza virus particles, is considered safe in pregnancy, Legge said.
Doctors and other pre-natal care providers also need to do a better job of recommending, and offering the annual flu shot to pregnant women during routine pre-natal visits, the authors said. 26 (UPI) -- Progesterone supplements given to pregnant women who have had multiple miscarriages may not prevent another miscarriage, a new study found.

25 (UPI) -- A new test can detect the drug ketamine at low levels in urine and blood in just 30 minutes, which could aid in faster, more appropriate treatment of overdoses. An earlier study from Nova Scotia showed that women who are admitted to hospital with respiratory illnesses during flu season while pregnant are more likely to deliver babies that are small for their gestational age or have a low birth weight.

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