Early symptoms of pregnancy light headed

In the Victorian era, fainting was an unsophisticated way of recognising if a woman was pregnant.
If you feel lightheaded, it helps to increase blood flow to the brain by lying down (if possible) or sitting down with your head between your knees. Throughout your pregnancy you may feel disorienting feeling of unsteadiness (vertigo) that can make expectant moms feel as if they're about to fall or faint (and sometimes they do!). Early in pregnancy, lightheadedness is likely due to the fact that your body isn't yet producing enough blood to fill a rapidly expanding circulatory system.
It's common to feel dizzy during pregnancy, but if it persists (or if you actually faint), put in a call to your practitioner just to make sure everything's okay. Stop a dizzy spell in its tracks by lying down as soon as you start to feel lightheaded, so you don't wind up falling and potentially hurting yourself or your baby.

If dizziness or lightheadedness persists, tell your practitioner how you're feeling at your next visit – but if you actually pass out, call ASAP (once you come to, of course).
But don't worry, it's a normal and fairly common symptom of pregnancy that you can, for the most part, avoid by taking a few smart steps. Don't get up too quickly when you're sitting or lying down – it can cause your blood pressure to drop, which triggers light-headedness. Make sure you're eating a healthy, rounded diet during pregnancy, with a mix of protein and complex carbs (like whole grain bread or pasta) at every meal to maintain stable blood-sugar levels. Chow down on several small meals throughout the day to prevent dips in your blood sugar, and carry healthy pregnancy snacks with you for a quick blood-sugar boost. Being in a stuffy, overheated indoor space (like a crammed bus, office, or store) too long can trigger dizziness, so as long as you're not feeling overly faint try to take a 5-minute walk outside every hour or so – which can help relieve other pregnancy symptoms like constipation and edema, too.

Fainting during early and middle pregnancy can be caused by athe woman’s blood vessels naturally relaxing and dilating under the influence of the hormone progesterone, lowering her blood pressure. Second best: Sit down and bend as far forward as you can, putting your head between your knees, if possible, and breathe slowly and deeply.

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