Early pregnancy symptoms metallic taste

So let’s look at some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing, but to bear in mind that it is only a proper pregnancy test can confirm if you are really pregnant, and then an early pregnancy scan that can confirm that your pregnancy is viable.
Most women experience some form of morning sickness from a feeling of nausea to vomiting in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Extreme tiredness is a common sign in early pregnancy.  In some cases it may not be as extreme as others, but you may notice that you feel fatigued, and lack the normal energy levels that you would have had previously. Even in the very early stages of pregnancy, one of the common pregnancy symptoms is needing to urinate more frequently. Another possible early pregnancy symptom is disliking, or having an aversion to a food that you previously liked. We mentioned morning sickness earlier, but as you may not be aware that you are pregnant, you may not consider it to be morning sickness.

If you have missed a period it is advisable to take a home pregnancy test to confirm whether or not you think you may be pregnant.
Or you may find that you are craving something in particular, and sometimes pregnancy cravings can be a bit unusual. This happens because your blood pressure may have lowered, as being pregnant can cause blood vessels to dilate. Of course if you’re trying for a baby every little possible symptom may seem very exciting, however many pregnancy symptoms are also similar to some of what we experience as part of the wonderful world of PMS – pre-menstrual syndrome. Changes including, tiredness, queasiness, sore or sensitive breast or simply just not feeling your usual self are all common pregnancy symptoms. Aversions to previously liked foods or smells can sometimes cause you to feel nauseated, can be other signs of pregnancy.

Morning sickness usually subsides at the end of the first trimester pregnancy but not always. You may start going to bed sooner or find it harder to get up in the mornings and everyday tasks such as shopping may leave you feeling exhausted.
Although these pregnancy signs can feel similiar to PMT so this can be a bit confusing, but intuition is often correct.

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