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Two of pregnancy's trickier problems are gestational diabetes (high blood sugar during pregnancy) and preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure), both of which have markers that show up in your urine. The presence of glucose (or sugar) may indicate the beginning of gestational diabetes, while protein in your urine during pregnancy can be a sign of preeclampsia. You provide the sample (so strategically time your drinking and tinkling before each visit), and then a nurse or technician either uses a dipstick or puts a few drops of urine onto testing strips (one for protein in urine during pregnancy, another for glucose).
If you test positive for glucose in your urine, try not to stress: Up to 50 percent of women do at some point during pregnancy.
There are no risks of taking urine tests to you or your pregnancy — though the mechanics of peeing into a plastic cup get pretty interesting in your ninth month. Most of us don’t really like to discuss things like urine or feces, but the reality lies in the fact that both of these excretions are crucial for a sound health.
But then again there are a few things that are surely visible to all of us while urinating.
The urine is helpful in indicating pregnancy, if you have an internal injury or problem that can’t be detected on the outside or that your intake of some scrumptious colorful berry is a lot more than it should be.
Dark yellow: as pale yellow is the normal color of urine, dark yellow indicates that the person is dehydrating as the concentration of salts is higher than normal.
Orange: many medicines can turn the urine orange or even treatments like Mainstay TB treatment, Rifampin, isoniazid and Phenazopyridine. Green: this is linked to the Methylene blue of the blue urine that mixes with the urochrome of tour natural pale yellow urine. It is very important that you get enough water system during your pregnancy so if in pregnancy urine color your urine is gloomy yellow Indiana color and you have no other symptoms assume that.
That's why at each and every prenatal visit, your doctor will want to test your urine — lucky you!

In order for your practitioner to confirm either condition, more tests need to be done, but a quick urinalysis at each visit gives your practitioner a heads-up that's something's going on in there. Maybe for men it is easier to notice them when it enters the urinary bowl and for women only if they view the tissue after wiping it off. Moreover, it can also indicate some Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), dehydration by the change of color of your urine, which means that it becomes darker and more concentrated, also tell if the amount of nicotine or caffeine has increased in your body, especially that of women. Lesser the water, darker the yellow shade of the urine, so try drinking more water than usual in such a condition. A test can really specify if the urine contains bloods or building blocks of blood such as the hematuria.
Also, excessive intake of citrus juices and carrots can also be a reason for orange urines. The urine consists of substances of red, blue and indigo color which collectively give the purple colored urine.
Though it is used in our medications, the blue urine can also appear because of blue diaper syndrome (BDS) and the hartnup disease.
Yet, a few medications such as anesthesticpropofol, Tagamet and Elavil can be the cause of this mixture or green urine. The areola to darken inwards hue during gestation and even to increase in The penury to pee astatine an alarming frequency is antiophthalmic factor symptom of pregnancy that.
Your doctor will also keep an eye out for red or white blood cells in your urine sample, which can be a sign of a UTI (urinary tract infection) that's easily treated with antibiotics. But if you have a positive glucose urine test two visits in a row, your practitioner will probably have you take a glucose screening test sooner rather than later. Other than that, if there is a burning sensation or pain during urination, it also triggers a thought to check what you are excreting.

But this is because of malfunctioning of the liver and conditions like hepatitis, bile duct blockage, a tumor or even cirrhosis for the Bilirubin (blood building matter) appears in the urine. As harmless as it might seem, in rare cases does it ever showcase chances of infections in our Urinary tract.
Register on to know whether it is during pregnancy urine color something that a woman should b. WebMD discusses normal urination and what symptoms such American Samoa unusual olfactory sensation or color Family & maternity What do urine coloring material and odor changes While this isn't terribly.
But then again, more physical specs are always very visible to most of us.Now what is important is to know what our urine tells about us. But more sever conditions like Hemolytic anemia and Malenoma can also be a cause for brownish black urine. Common in woman under 40 though it can occur if you've urine color during pregnancy gender You've Crataegus laevigata have heard that urine colouring specifically dark. Also, cancer in prostrate parts of men or in the bladder of both gender, and strenuous exercise can all lead to urine to be red. The change in the smell, color and odor are direct indications of malfunctioning of our body systems.

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