During pregnancy nipples leaking

Other women have leaking from their breasts during the second trimester, sometime between 26 to 30 weeks, which is most common.
In general, there is no need to be too concerned whether or not you are leaking milk during pregnancy. During the many weeks before the birth of your child, your body normally changes to prepare for its coming. Change your breasts pads regularly : For more comfort during the day, change your breast pads when moist to prevent having the odor of dried colostrum. Put breast pads on your breasts : The easiest way to deal with leaking is to use disposable or reusable breast pads to help absorb moisture. Breast leaking during sex does not mean preterm labor : Breast leaking during sex may also be accompanied by uterine contractions. Do not worry about breast leaking in those occasions : Breast leaking is normal even during sex or when your breasts or nipples are stimulated. Your pregnant body is making sure all systems are a go, including your milk production system. If you're not leaking colostrum but are curious what it looks like, gently squeeze your areola to express a few drops. And yes, you start producing it while pregnant and MANY women will realize they are leaking it, and the leaking CAN occur pretty much any time.

This started happening to me somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks (and I think the first place I heard about it was in the pregnancy calendar!) I SWEAR BY Lillypadz silicone nursing pads (you can find them on Amazon or Babies R Us, just search around online for the best deal).
I was lopsided when I started leaking during pregnancy and I was so worried I would only produce out of one boob, but lo!
As for production after delivery, I had a friend who leaked throughout her pregnancy but to her disappointment that was the extent of her milk expression, so I guess don’t use the leaking as a be all end all indicator of working boobs. While others do not notice any leaking until after the birth of their baby, some women produce colostrum, a yellowish, thick liquid in their breasts.
Some women experience leaking from their breasts during the first three to four weeks of pregnancy. Even if you do not experience leaking right after giving birth, it does not mean that you will not be able to breastfeed your baby. The amount of leaking from your breasts during pregnancy is usually not significant, so a few breast pads will do.
Gearing up for the big day, it's going through many changes in anticipation of labor — some you're aware of (such as your baby dropping into your pelvis around week 38 of pregnancy, which makes for more pelvic pressure) and others that you probably are not aware of (such as cervical dilation and effacement). They sound kind of odd (they sort of go on like a suction cup, and by applying pressure to the nipple they stop milk from leaking out) but they work incredibly well. Those who have been leaking during pregnancy will probably experience greater amounts of leaking as their due date approaches.

When I started nursing and my nipples were SO SORE, I found the cloth pads awful – they would stick to my nipples and were excrutiating to pull off! It is, however, more common for some women to show leaking breasts between the 12th to 14th weeks or by the end of this trimester. However, most women do not really experience any leaking until after the birth of their baby. If you are wondering when your breasts start leaking and what you should do when it happens, read the following article for more information. These transformations may be in the form of enlarged breasts, more tender and oversensitive breast, darkening of nipples, etc.
Hormonal changes that take place in your body during pregnancy, is the reason that stimulates leaking of breasts.
There are no concrete ways, which you can utilize to stop the leaking from breasts during pregnancy. Reasons for such instances can be nothing more than any infection or any benign growth (apart from cancer).We hope that after reading this you will not worry when you face the situation of breast leaking in pregnancy.

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