Does smoking affect trying to get pregnant

Cigarette smoking can have a negative effect on almost every part of your body, and that includes the reproductive system. If you're having trouble getting pregnant and are a smoker, one of the first things your doctor will recommend is to stop smoking and then keep trying as you normally would. To schedule a consultation about your fertility, please give us a call at 212-419-5229 or click below and we will get right back to you. Smoking is dangerous for women who are trying to conceive, it can severely affect fertility. Besides this, it also results in fallopian tube problem and increase chances of ectopic pregnancy. In a study 4,000 women who were trying to conceive were watched for three and a half months. Smokers place an enormous burden on their reproductive system in order to achieve pregnancy and stay pregnant.
Some of our readers might be rolling their eyes at another article declaring a crusade against the legion of detrimental effects of smoking on our health. I think we all know that smoking is devastating for an unborn child in the prenatal phase of its development, so it comes as no surprise that women planning to achieve pregnancy should quit smoking at least two months before conception. First of all, we should know, that smoking narrows blood vessels, thus greatly decreasing blood flow to genital tissues. Many women think that the above mentioned risks only apply to smokers, but make no mistake; secondhand smoking can lead to similar risks.
As soon as two weeks to three months after you quit smoking, you can already see positive changes in your fertility.

I just quit smoking a little over two weeks ago, with a slip-up or two since, and I haven’t gotten my period on my own for almost a year without taking progesterone to induce it. If you stop smoking about 2 months prior to trying to conceive, you should see an increase in fertility. Smoking has been shown to lower fertility in men, and secondhand smoke can have an effect on fertility in women as well. You may find that you get pregnant within a few months; if not, your doctor can do more extensive testing to find the underlying cause of your infertility and recommend a treatment plan.
If it is not possible for you to completely quit smoking then reducing on the number of cigarettes can also help.
And while it is, fortunately a wide-spread knowledge that smoking is bad for us, it seems that many people still find available evidence not convincing enough. Especially if your partner is a chain-smoker, it is imperative that he also quits smoking, at least for the duration of the pregnancy.
Achieving pregnancy, and staying pregnant while smoking is not unlike gambling, an irresponsible act unworthy of a future parent. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
It is best that you immediately quit smoking since it can prevent one from conceiving, and it can bring health complications in the future.
However, even smoking a lower number of cigarettes is not ideal for your reproductive or overall heath. In this article we will try to enumerate the various effects smoking can have on our health when it comes to one of our most delicate tools for survival: our reproductive system.

Not only because it is much easier to quit smoking if we have a partner who shares our challenges, but because smoking has damaging risks for male fertility as well. For the sake of both our unborn child as well as our own health, it is an invaluable sacrifice to quit smoking right now to protect our gift of fertility and ensure good health for our child. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! In addition, smoking while pregnant can promote premature births and low birth weight for the baby. Although many women decide to hold off on quitting until they know they're pregnant, that still leaves weeks of time when the fetus is being exposed to smoke, as well as when the chemical residuals are leaving the body.
Therefore, it is recommended that a woman must quit smoking before she plans to get pregnant. In addition to this smoking also have an effect on vitro- fertilisation, large doses of fertility drugs are needed for stimulating ovaries to produce eggs. We all know the direct risks smoking involves when it comes to lung cancer, heart diseases, and frankly, our body in general. Studies have shown that non-smokers are twice as successful in achieving pregnancy compared to smokers.

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